Corum Coin 2018


This morning, our idea came to fruition with Corum, we will reveal it to you on the 22nd of March, (Basel Fair) so you have realized that today I cannot tell you everything, but these are unique pieces , which we are going to develop with Corum and an American engraver (secret for the moment, otherwise a little trick on his instagram would cancel the secret)

We are going to produce Corum Coin but with a very different spirit  compare to the past but according to the same unique complex techniques own by tradition and history of the Manufacture.

A small reminder of the collection concerned to better understand:


Corum Coin Watch appeared for the first time in the 60s and 70s. It was then the perfect compromise for fans of collector's watch and the nostalgic.

Indeed these models Corum Coin Watch are created from real gold or silver coins, impeccably preserved. Alloy of historical past and contemporary watch movement, these specimens have since been sighted at many wrists, starting with those of the American Presidents themselves.

The very first edition of 1964 represented a $ 20 Double Eagle coin, stamped with the seal of freedom, a unique symbol of the growth of the American nation. When the Corum Coin Watch was removed from circulation, it became a rare and much sought-after collector's item.

Historical memories are now updated: you can count on Chronopassion, to refresh the subject in contemporary versions well Rock 'n Roll and eventually more than that.


For even enlighten you, Jérome Biard; Corum’s CEO, offered me as a pledge of friendship and conviction, a diverted piece on the basis of this collection; who represents « me »!! ; He probably think that my ego would be fulfilled or foreseeing may be a possible second auction in 30 years from now with Aurel Bacs when we will be very old and , Heaven forbid, we will look like Keith Richard. 

But rest assured what you will discover on  the 22nd of March will trigger an immediate urge for possession, not for everyone, but for a kind of family amateur that we  know very well. Of course this picture is far from the result and you won’t wear my face on your wrist ,(lol)  of course  :  stay tuned.