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Fine watchmaking and military symbolism

Created in 2009, the BR 01 AIRBORNE model paid tribute to the extraordinary saga of military paratroopers, especially the US Airborne divisions that played such a distinguished role in the Second World War.Rubbing shoulders with danger on a daily basis, the young soldiers had adopted the skull and crossbones as a symbol of their courage to better defy death and intimidate their enemies. The skull and crossbones acted as a talisman during their missions and a continual reminder of how vulnerable they were to danger.
The BR 01 TOURBILLON AIRBORNE is an outstanding time instrument, a combination of military symbolism and an exclusive fine watchmaking movement. It incorporates four additional watchmaking complications that blend perfectly into the skull and crossbones dial: a tourbillon, a precision indicator, a regulator and a power reserve indicator.
Clearly visible in its carriage positioned at 6 o’clock on the main timepiece, the tourbillon is the most noble of watchmaking complications. It compensates for measuring differences caused by Earth’s gravity when wrist movements rotate or accelerate, thereby improving the running precision of the watch. The sophistication of this mechanism is truly a technical innovation that has called upon all the skills of in-house engineers and the cream of Swiss master watchmakers.
The model has a 3D skull and crossbones dial that counts the hours, defying time further. The precision of its sophisticated structure is only possible thanks to today’s technological tools.
The DLC-finish titanium case in its «phantom black» tone-on-tone finish is strong and lightweight while at the same time discreet.
The black shagreen strap upholds the watchmaking qualities of this exceptional piece.
Bell&Ross is going beyond military symbolism with this new, exclusive model. Its sophistication recalls man’s vanity as portrayed in the world of art: works that remind men of the fragility of life and their humility when facing death.

Technical specifications

  • mechanical with manual winding.
  • Carbon fiber mainplates and bridges.
  • Tourbillon carriage with black gold finish
Complications and functions
  • Tourbillon. Regulator.
  • Power reserve indicator (five days).
  • Precision indicator.
Case : 
  • 46 mm diameter.
  • DLC*-finish titanium.
  • Titanium screw-in crown.
  • Sapphire caseback.
  • Crystal: anti-reflective sapphire.
  • water resistance: 50 meters.
  • 3d dial: photoluminescent black with mesh-like design.
  • shagreen and rubber
Limited edition

20 pieces

Who's who

The first time we met? A quarter of a century ago!

They say that all good things improve with time – and that’s definitely the case for the relationship between Bell & Ross and Chronopassion. Laurent Picciotto and Carlos Rosillo have been acquainted ever since Rosillo co-founded Bell & Ross, with a very clear vision of aviation watchmaking right from the outset. The pair get along well: Rosillo likes the quality of the “dissident” selection on offer at Chronopassion, while Picciotto appreciates the clarity of Rosillo’s positioning, his message – and his creations, which have never once strayed from their flight path.

But here’s the thing: Bell & Ross is a rather unique case. Alongside highly exclusive models for lovers of complications, the brand also offers everyday watches for aircraft buffs – and in the end, Laurent Picciotto has decided to make room for them all.

It’s one of the rare brands capable of guaranteeing complete consistency across all its collections, with the same attention to detail and the same passion for beautiful mechanics,” argues Picciotto. So for once, the Rue Saint Honoré boutique will feature the most iconic standard Bell & Ross models too, rubbing shoulders with the special-edition box sets and ultra-limited complication timepieces reserved for experienced collectors. Isn’t that a bit of a gamble? At first glance, coming from a store that’s renowned for its stringent selection criteria, it is indeed.

That said, on closer inspection, it becomes clear that the plan is to preserve the brand as a whole and maintain its overall coherence. “Bell & Ross has changed enormously,” notes Laurent Picciotto. “It’s always just as much a pleasure for me to discover their latest horological-mechanical piece of craziness as their specialist diving watches with their vintage feel or supersonic cockpit look.

That pleasure has been renewed, day after day, for a quarter of a century now. After 25 years of living together, it’s high time to solemnise the union between Bell & Ross & Chronopassion at the Rue Saint-Honoré shrine !

Journalist : Olivier Müller

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