Bell & Ross - WW2 Military Tourbillon
Bell & Ross - WW2 Military Tourbillon

WW2 Military Tourbillon

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By integrating the four tourbillon complications, the precision indicator, regulator and power-reserve into the round casing of the Vintage WW2 Military Tourbillon, Bell & Ross gives a new face to the spirit of «fine watchmaking» expressed since the release of the BR01 Tourbillon in 2007.

The crosswise layout of the various functions combines readability and functionality. Raising the protective covers reveals the dial in all its glory. The contrast of the matte black flange around the circumference, the “Côte de Genève” decorated metallic surfaces and additional counters, which play on this contrast to reinforce readability, creates visual depth and a «three dimensional» effect combining elegance with the precision of the indications.

Remaining loyal to its military inspiration in giving priority to the readability of short time cycles, the WW2 Military Tourbillon features a regulator movement, a watchmaking principle whereby hours and minutes are displayed via separate dials. While the minute hand has a central axis and sweeps across the entire dial, the hour hand has a

dedicated miniature dial positioned at 12 o’clock.

At the 3 o’clock position, another hand (Trust Index), turning on a semi-circle, indicates the level of precision of the movement on the basis of the tension of the barrel spring. At 9 o’clock is the power reserve indicator (5 days), which rounds off the information provided by the precision indicator. Between them, these complications mean that the wearer of the watch is not required to wind up the movement to ensure the optimal function of the watch.

Finally, the dial opens at 6 o’clock revealing the tourbillon’s pink gold “cage”, of which a rotation lasting one minute allows the Bell & Ross «&» symbol to play the role of a small second.



The Bell & Ross designers have opted to make the Vintage WW2 Military Tourbillon a link between yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Thus, while the open lid evokes memories of the grilles protecting the military watches of bygone eras, its transparent sapphire caseback allows its carbon fiber bridges and plates to be seen; this high-tech material was chosen on account of its strength and light weight.

Although the casing seemingly stems from the past, with its patina style and its oversized striated crown to allow for good grip, it is made from satin-polished Grade 5 titanium, to which a PVD treatment lends a “gunmetal gray” color, entirely in keeping with the spirit of the watch.

The use of a sophisticated material such as titanium enables the reconciliation of the 45 mm diameter of the casing with Bell & Ross requirements regarding weight and strength.

The bracelet, available in aged leather or brown alligator skin and reminiscent of the elegance of early wristwatches, plays the “wearer comfort” card thanks to its flexibility and the presence of movable lugs.

All of these construction and finish details — whether the hinge of the lid and the design of its central openings, the movable lugs of the bracelet or the distinct color of the titanium — make the Vintage WW2 Military Tourbillon a sophisticated watch, whereby all of the specific details convey the spirit of authenticity that guided the design team.


With the Vintage WW2 Military Tourbillon, the most recent addition to its very exclusive collection of fine timepieces, Bell & Ross once again expresses its personal view of the past. By integrating a tourbillon, a regulator, a precision indicator and a power-reserve indicator beneath a protective lid, thus evoking an entire chapter of history, the company decidedly emphasizes its complications. And while the character-filled spirit of this timepiece —of which only 20 have been produced— draws inspiration from the legendary watchmaking of the past, its materials make it a watch that is entirely in keeping with its time, and one that also looks towards the future.

Technical specifications

  • Mechanical movement tourbillon with manual winding.
  • Pink gold tourbillon carriage.
  • Regulator display
  • Hours (top counter)
  • Minutes (central hand)
  • Power reserve indicator (5 days)
  • Trust index


Case with protective lid :
  • 45mm diameter
  • Titanium polishedsatin finish
  • Titanium with PVD* finish coating
  • Sapphire caseback
  • Mobile lugs.
  • anti-reflection sapphire crystal.
  • Water Resistance of 50 meters.


  • Matt black with screwed in titanium finish metallic plate
  • Featuring “Côtes de Genève” decorations
  • Hands, figures and indexes in golden metal.


  • Brown alligator skin.
  • Clasp : titanium pin buckle.

Who's who

The first time we met? A quarter of a century ago!

They say that all good things improve with time – and that’s definitely the case for the relationship between Bell & Ross and Chronopassion. Laurent Picciotto and Carlos Rosillo have been acquainted ever since Rosillo co-founded Bell & Ross, with a very clear vision of aviation watchmaking right from the outset. The pair get along well: Rosillo likes the quality of the “dissident” selection on offer at Chronopassion, while Picciotto appreciates the clarity of Rosillo’s positioning, his message – and his creations, which have never once strayed from their flight path.

But here’s the thing: Bell & Ross is a rather unique case. Alongside highly exclusive models for lovers of complications, the brand also offers everyday watches for aircraft buffs – and in the end, Laurent Picciotto has decided to make room for them all.

It’s one of the rare brands capable of guaranteeing complete consistency across all its collections, with the same attention to detail and the same passion for beautiful mechanics,” argues Picciotto. So for once, the Rue Saint Honoré boutique will feature the most iconic standard Bell & Ross models too, rubbing shoulders with the special-edition box sets and ultra-limited complication timepieces reserved for experienced collectors. Isn’t that a bit of a gamble? At first glance, coming from a store that’s renowned for its stringent selection criteria, it is indeed.

That said, on closer inspection, it becomes clear that the plan is to preserve the brand as a whole and maintain its overall coherence. “Bell & Ross has changed enormously,” notes Laurent Picciotto. “It’s always just as much a pleasure for me to discover their latest horological-mechanical piece of craziness as their specialist diving watches with their vintage feel or supersonic cockpit look.

That pleasure has been renewed, day after day, for a quarter of a century now. After 25 years of living together, it’s high time to solemnise the union between Bell & Ross & Chronopassion at the Rue Saint-Honoré shrine !

Journalist : Olivier Müller

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