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In 2014, the release of the BR-X1, with its stunning and resolutelymasculine design, marked Bell & Ross’ first advances into a moreexperimental and innovative arena. The technical characteristics, typicalof sports models, were joined by a bold streak of creativity, characterizedby the adoption of a skeleton chronograph movement inside a high-techsquare case that combined titanium, ceramic and rubber.
Two years later, the BR-X1 Tourbillon Sapphire would spark a veritablerevolution, as it gave complete transparency to the famous squarecase, which was cut directly from a block of sapphire! This precious timepiece established a direct link between Haute Horlogerie andhyper-sophistication. And now, with the new BR-X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor, the second generation of its X Collection, Bell & Ross is addinganother chapter to the BR saga.
Given just three words to define a watch, they would undoubtedly be “case, movement, dial”. If would be difficult, if not impossible, to miss out any one of these elements. However, true innovation lies in questioning certainties and exploring brand new paths.
This is exactly what Bell & Ross did when designing its new BR-X2, where the case and movement form a single element. How? When
designing a case from steel and sapphire (a highly technical material which is exceedingly difficult to work with), Bruno Belamich, the brand’s creative director, came up with a utopian idea: “Fusing the case and movement into a single component to make the case disappear, leaving only the movement visible.”
In concrete terms, the design of the BR-X2 implies wearing the movement directly on the wrist. The square BR-CAL.380 manufacture caliber, designed and developed entirely by Bell & Ross, is set between two sapphire crystal plates, joined at the sides by a narrow band of steel machined as a single piece, ensuring unrestricted visibility. This makes the case virtually invisible, and the skeleton dial does the same, showcasing the movement.
To highlight the aesthetic purity and the technical expertise, the designers of the BR-X2 have opted for both simplicity and performance. This two-hand watch displays the hours and minutes with exceptional precision thanks to a flying tourbillon that compensates for the gravitational pull of the earth.
Simplicity, yes; but also elegance and restraint, thanks to its modest dimensions (42.5 mm square) and delicacy, made possible by the extra-thin 4.05 mm movement, with automatic winding provided by a micro-rotor.
With the bold, modern design of the BR-X2 that pushes the very limits of creativity, Bell & Ross positions itself, once again, as one of the most innovative Haute Horlogerie brands. This highly exclusive watch, will only be available to 99 cultivated connoisseurs, offering them the unique experience of wearing a watch movement on their wrist…

Technical specifications

- Dimension : 42.5 mm in diameter
- Satin-polished steel.
- Water-resistance: 50 metres.
- Sapphire with anti-reflective coating
- Skeletonised
- Metal applique Superluminova®-filled indices
- Metal skeletonised Superluminova®-filled hour and minute hands
- Calibre BR-CAL.380
- Automatic mechanical.
- Hours & minutes
- Flying tourbillon at 6 o'clock.
- Grey alligator.
- Buckle: folding. Steel.

Who's who

The first time we met? A quarter of a century ago!

They say that all good things improve with time – and that’s definitely the case for the relationship between Bell & Ross and Chronopassion. Laurent Picciotto and Carlos Rosillo have been acquainted ever since Rosillo co-founded Bell & Ross, with a very clear vision of aviation watchmaking right from the outset. The pair get along well: Rosillo likes the quality of the “dissident” selection on offer at Chronopassion, while Picciotto appreciates the clarity of Rosillo’s positioning, his message – and his creations, which have never once strayed from their flight path.

But here’s the thing: Bell & Ross is a rather unique case. Alongside highly exclusive models for lovers of complications, the brand also offers everyday watches for aircraft buffs – and in the end, Laurent Picciotto has decided to make room for them all.

It’s one of the rare brands capable of guaranteeing complete consistency across all its collections, with the same attention to detail and the same passion for beautiful mechanics,” argues Picciotto. So for once, the Rue Saint Honoré boutique will feature the most iconic standard Bell & Ross models too, rubbing shoulders with the special-edition box sets and ultra-limited complication timepieces reserved for experienced collectors. Isn’t that a bit of a gamble? At first glance, coming from a store that’s renowned for its stringent selection criteria, it is indeed.

That said, on closer inspection, it becomes clear that the plan is to preserve the brand as a whole and maintain its overall coherence. “Bell & Ross has changed enormously,” notes Laurent Picciotto. “It’s always just as much a pleasure for me to discover their latest horological-mechanical piece of craziness as their specialist diving watches with their vintage feel or supersonic cockpit look.

That pleasure has been renewed, day after day, for a quarter of a century now. After 25 years of living together, it’s high time to solemnise the union between Bell & Ross & Chronopassion at the Rue Saint-Honoré shrine !

Journalist : Olivier Müller

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