Corum - Corum (Gérard Sené)
Luc Virginius / Chronopassion
Corum - Corum (Gérard Sené)

Corum (Gérard Sené)


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Corum (Gérard Sené)

Corum dressed by Gérard Sené
An urban and chic suit for the Ti-Bridge Power Reserve
Corum watches joins the famous tailor Gérard Sené to introduce a new Ti-Bridge
Power Reserve. This titanium timepiece, the contemporary interpretation of the
Golden Bridge, is a brilliant match of aesthetics and mechanics. This Limited Edition in black reunites the antithesis of both houses - tradition and avant-garde. Gérard Sené and Ti-Bridge, this is an evident association which joins the values of the Parisian shoemaker and tailor universe as well as the emblematic Corum Bridge collection with its unique baguette movement.
The Ti-Bridge, a unique interpretation of the Swiss watchmaking tradition, is a mixture of audacity and sobriety. With this timepiece, Corum reinterprets the codes of its legacy while still respecting the expertise of the brand just like Gérard Sené who dresses men who not only seek to obtain a style but to reinvent the rules of art. An avant-garde look and handcrafted assembly is what unites Gerard Sené and the timepieces of the Ti-Bridge collection. It is the choice of material, the cut, the quality and the neat finishing that transform these everyday items such as watches, clothing or footwear into fine luxury goods.
The Ti-Bridge Power Reserve Gérard Sené is dressed with a crocodile leather strap directly inspired by the Sené clothing workshop which harmonizes perfectly with the sober black PVD treatment covering the titanium case and movement. Each strap has been fashioned individually and “iced” in the Sené way: The leather is lavishly rubbed, leaving a time-worn pattern; then dried before it is waxed and finally brushed to endow a shiny appearance and glossy finish. The leather handiwork is an ancestral know-how that requires skills, technical know-how and patience from the tanner in order to transform the material to attain the desired appearance.
The technical excellence of its horizontal in-line baguette movement and its unique design revamp this limited edition into a real affirmation of personality. Exclusive creation, the Ti-Bride Power Reserve is the outcome of an exceptional cooperation between a master watchmaker and a true leather expert.

Technical specifications

B107/02265 - 107.211.95/0F01 0000 série limitée 10 piéces
  • N° de mouvement: CO 107
  • Système de remontage: Manuel
  • Fonctions: Heure & Minute • Réserve de marche
  • Réserve de marche: 72 heures
  • Fréquence: 4 Hz, 28'800 a/h
  • Dimension: 17''' x 5.5'''
  • Rubis: 25
  • Finitions du mouvement: Ponts et platine en titane
  • Couleurs: Gris anthracite
  • Matière: Laiton
  • Spécificités: Indexes de la minuterie décalqués sur
  • le réhaut • Logo CORUM décalqué
  • sous la glace saphir • Indexes des
  • heures en applique et rhodiés
  • Forme: Forme tonneau
  • Dimension: 42 x 52 mm
  • Epaisseur: 11.60 mm
  • Boîte: Titane grade 5 avec traitement PVD noir
  • Couronne: Titane grade 5 avec traitement PVD
  • noir • Clé CORUM gravée
  • Glace: Glace saphir fumée avec traitement anti-reflet
  • Type de fond: Fond ouvert à vis, en titane grade 5 avec traitement PVD noir et avec glace saphir et traitement anti-reflet
  • Finitions du fond: "Limited Edition Gérard Sené" gravé sur le fond
  • Etanchéité: 30 mètres / 3 ATM
  • Heure et minute: Bâton • Finitions rhodiées • Squelette Superluminova blanc
  • Indicateur réserve de marche:
  • Pointe de flèche • Rouge •
  • Superluminova blanc
  • Matière: Cuir alligator
  • Couleurs: Noir
  • Entrecorne/Boucle: 24/21 mm
  • Type de boucle: Boucle déployante triple
  • Matière boucle: Titane grade 5
  • Spécifités boucle: Logo CORUM gravé • Traitement PVD noir

Who's who

Corum has a certain degree of unpredictability that many watch lovers find attractive. Present-day Corums are nothing like those that have gone before, and it’s impossible to predict what Corum’s effervescent CEO Antonio Calce has in mind for the years to come. The brand is independent in many ways – something that has not escaped Laurent Picciotto’s attention. “Thirty years ago, Corum was the brand that produced timepieces featuring peacock feathers, Rolls Royce badges and dollar bills. That wasn’t necessarily to everybody’s taste – but it showed that it was a brand with an independent mindset and culture, unafraid to go its own way and unfazed by prevailing design codes.” One of the items developed by Corum was more of an entry-level timepiece, but one connoisseurs will still remember – the Bubble. This item made a watchmaking brand accessible for a number of watch lovers – but in doing so, torpedoed the prestige positioning Corum had established for itself. Over the next twenty years, Corum concentrated on recovering its credibility on the haute horlogerie market. It was during this comeback that Chronopassion wagered on the brand’s success, notably when Corum offered such daring models as the Golden Bridge and the Ti-Bridge. “The Golden Bridge Lady was a model that went down really well with our female clientele,” recalls Laurent Picciotto. “The brand is now developing very fine complicated timepieces, including tourbillons and minute repeaters. We have high hopes of the brand for the future.” Corum has been in Chronopassion showcases since 2009 – and is not about to be ousted.
Journalist : Olivier Müller
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