Fiona Krüger - Petit Skull Fiona Kruger
Fiona Krüger - Petit Skull Fiona Kruger

Petit Skull Fiona Kruger

Fiona Krüger | 14'300 € Tax inc.

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Petit Skull , limited to 18 pieces

“…the Skull has survived decades of cultural and creative revolution as the ultimate symbol of life, death and human experience” - Faye Dowling – The Skull Book



The PETIT SKULL Series is Fiona’s fourth offering from her iconic Skull collection. For these exceptional watches, Fiona refers back to her Fine Art roots, using the classic guillochage technique as her chisel to sculpt her radiant skull dials, instilling each of her watches with its own distinct character. 

The PETIT SKULL Series comprises of 3 unique watches, each produced as a limited edition of 18 pieces. The watches are hand-made in Switzerland and powered by a fully skeletonised, automatic, Swiss mechanical movement with specially designed oscillating mass. 

Each of the PETIT SKULL’s intricate 9-piece dials are impeccably hand- finished; starting with the first layer, a polished base plate, which acts as a crisp frame around the eyes, nose and mouth. The second layer comprises of 6 individually guilloché and coloured pieces, beautifully reflecting light to reveal the elegant rhythm of the guillochage. Every guilloché pattern was painstakingly chosen and positioned on each piece of the dial, recessing the eyes and jaw and opening up the forehead and cheeks, as would a sculptor carving a portrait. The teeth are finished with perlage and rhodium plating to echo the bridges of the skeletonised movement, which can be seen through the eyes and nose of the Skull. The final layer is a softly shotblasted outline, punctuated by polished black studs to mark the hours. Through the PETIT SKULLS’ eyes, the moving balance wheel and delicate mainspring of the movement can be seen, which, when wound up, bring the watches to life.

Technical specifications

Technical Specifications


Design Name Petit Skull (Blue)


Model & ref number Petit Skull,  FKPS


Case material & colour Stainless Steel 316N with specifically designed back opening


Case size 48 x 34.5 mm (length x width), 9.8 mm thick


Glass Sapphire (front and back)


Colour of dial & style 9 part brass dial with specially designed guilloché pattern and blue galvanised finish.

Layer 1: Hand-polished brass with rhodium finishing.

Layer 2: 6 part skull shape with specifically designed Soleil 12 Divisions avec traits prononcés and Ecailles de poisson guillochage and Bleu Royale galvanised finish, “teeth” with rhodium finishing and perlage.

Layer 3: Fine shotblasted brass with rhodium finishing and black stud hour markers


Hands                   Polished Steel


Movement Mechanical Automatic Skeletonised movement (A10), with customised oscillating mass with Ecailles de poisson guillochage and Bleu Royale galvanised finish.


Buckle Steel pin buckle


Bracelets Hand-stitched blue salmon leather

Who's who

Could Chronopassion be engaging in a bit of playful skull-duggery with us? The Rue St Honoré store now brings a lighter side to the darker side of life – or death. To do so, Laurent Picciotto has invited a new high-class guest to join him – Fiona Krüger.

She may be a new arrival in watchmaking, but not at all in design, where this adventuress of the high seas is in the vanguard – a Scot at heart, South African by adoption, Mexican by inspiration and now, showcaser of Swiss mechanisms!

I’d had her on my radar for a while,” confides Laurent Picciotto. “To begin with, I just put a Like on her Facebook page. Fiona noticed it and approached me at Baselworld, where I saw her work first-hand. That was when we started really getting down to business.”

Skullfully done

Why so much interest in a new “skull” watch? Simply because in this instance, we’re not just talking about a pattern on the dial: the watch itself is a skull, the shape embodied by the movement in three dimensions. Fiona Krüger has pushed this hallowed deathly design approach to the limits by creating a watch whose entire case and movement are sculpted as a skull.

And so we have a design based on the movement – and vice versa,” concludes Laurent Picciotto. “It’s a completely new idea – the watch is perfectly produced and demonstrates that Fiona’s by no means short of ideas. Her Memento Mori delivers in a way that’s both completely new and very well thought-out.”


Journalist : Olivier Müller ( june 2014)

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