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With a healthy professional background enriched within the watchmaking business, Mario G. Nargi bought Magellan Watch S.A. in 2010. This was a natural and obvious choice as the brand represents an aspirational opportunity.
Firstly, there is his personal fascination for an exceptionally recognized character. The name of Ferdinand de Magellan is certainly well known via the eponymous Strait of Magellan, but less is known of his exploits. Due to his conviction and perseverance, he was in reality, the first to navigate around the world. He followed the footsteps of Christopher Columbus and completed his unaccomplished project hence paving the way to the discovery of the emerged lands of our planet.
Magellan disappeared before ending his trip around the world, not however, without understanding he had found the way. Although, he did receive immediate recognition for his expedition in 1522 from his colleagues, the recognition he was due and the major role he played was given at a later date. The circumstances have made Magellan a silent hero of his time, whom Mario G. Nargi has a particular affection.
In direct relation to the great discoveries of the explorer, the concept of the Magellan watches is of rare originality. It is unlike anything known before; they are duly protected and hence will not be copied.
Mario G. Nargi was instantly seduced by the unique 3D concept, as well as the «modern tendency» which it inspires. Magellan watches have a strong emotional and particularly intense impact. Thus, being a major attribution to Mario G. Nargi who is a great art enthusiast.
The owner has a passion for watchmaking and appreciates the high technicality found in Magellan which has apparent simplicity. The incurved hands of the watch shadow the outline of the globe, it was not only necessary to contemplate the idea, but to be capable of realising it, with no shortage of profound and astute ideas for future animations of this type which are being studied.

Technical specifications

Case in polished 316Lsteel, engraved and screwed back case. Patented integrated crown in polished steel.
Real golf ball globe.
Modified in-house ETA 2893-2 movement, hand - fitted n°4.
Black rubber strap.

Who's who

Apparently, one should never say never, but once something has suitably impressed Laurent Picciotto, it – almost – never vanishes from his mind thereafter. One such example is the emerging Magellan brand: after ten years out of sight, now it’s back at Chronopassion. The reasons the ‘world map’ brand is back on the radar again are the same as those that first brought it to rue Saint Honoré in 2002: unique, atypical, well-finished timepieces that bring something new to the market. “When Magellan joined us, I didn’t really have much choice in terms of models,” says Laurent Picciotto with a smile. “There was only one, that came in two versions – Northern and Southern hemispheres!” The model in question is a timepiece featuring a dial-sized version of the map drawn by Magellan – the famous sixteenth-century seafarer who was the first to sail around the world. The young brand reproduces – by hand – the famous map drawn by the explorer after his voyages, and so also needed to reproduce its spherical shape. To do so, Magellan created a timepiece as a tribute to the Portuguese explorer with a curved glass, giving a three-dimensional view of the map and the time indications above it (hours, minutes, seconds and date option). “It’s a unique curiosity – one of those we like to offer in addition or as an alternative, for those of our customers looking for something singular and off the beaten track,” continues Laurent Picciotto. “A Magellan has no pretentions in terms of fine watchmaking. That might be considered by some to be its greatest weakness, but in fact that’s its major strength. The brand consistently and effectively stakes everything on its aesthetic singularity, accomplished to perfection, with great attention paid to every detail.” During its first two years in Paris, the brand met with resounding success. Then, as a single-product business, it naturally gradually began to disappear from the showcases. Things have changed radically in 2013. Magellan has been taken over by Mario G. Nargi, who had the good sense to recall the fruitful partnership of the early days – and lost no time in contacting Laurent Picciotto again when he relaunched the brand with new models. “I’d kept my eye on Magellan. When Mario G. Nargi came to see me, he had my full attention. We didn’t know each other, but we connected immediately. For me it’s absolutely vital for there to be a captain at the helm; someone I can count on. The redeployment of the offering, with plenty of new models, finally convinced me to resume the adventure where we left off in 2002-2003.” Laurent Picciotto’s choices are always sound and unhesitating – and have not wavered over the past ten years. Once again, in spite of a much broader offering, he has favoured Magellan’s historic models; mainly those that still feature the world map as a tribute to the explorer, along with those whose sapphire dome has a clear link with the subject displayed on the dial. Like the explorer that inspired it, the Magellan is just as breath-taking today as it was back then. Now it has berthed once again at Rue Saint Honoré. Perhaps we should be expecting it in another ten years’ time, too.
Journalist : Olivier Müller
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