Valbray - VR01C & VR01D
Valbray - VR01C & VR01D

VR01C & VR01D

Valbray | 11'900 € Tax inc.

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It is smart, fun and technique!

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Interactive and intriguing

The uniqueness of the Valbray System The revolutionary Valbray’s obturator system, that recalls the intensity diaphragm on photography, is a pure example of contemporary micro-mechanical masterpiece, applied on the watchmaking tradition. Valbray has invested more than two exiting years of teamwork to realize it, tackling several challenges. Finally Valbray did it and registered the patent in 2010.

The system is composed by 16 extra thin blades, entirely fitted in a rotating bezel of only 45 mm in diameter and 7 mm wide.They open and close slowly sliding one over the other on a constant and regularly circular shape. On the maximum open position of the bezel, the blades completely disappear, leaving an under and different dial of 30 mm appear.  The bezel is waterproof and doesn’t have any sign to operate the system (no pusher, no bar). The system is thoroughly hidden and independent of the watch movement and it is manually actionable by turning the bezel with the fingers. That makes the piece really interactive and intriguing.  

Technical specifications

Case :
  • Titanium grade 5 or DLC treatment 5 ATM
  • Circular diaphragm system integrated in the rotating bezel
  • Double display: hours, minutes / chronograph Reference : V.CA1
Movement :
  • Type : mechanical and automatic chronograph
  • Finishing : hand decorated Rotor :
  • Redesign tri-material rotor winding
  • Frequency 28 800 alt/h (4hz)
  • 25 functional jewels
  • 44 Hours of power reserve
  • Oculus : System composed of16 extra thin blades with a black multilayer treatment Multilayered and hand finished (with a honeycomb grid on Devil, Argentique, Luminova)
  • Bezel double side hard antireflective coating Back: double side hard antireflective coating
Strap :
  • Black mat alligator with stitching White gloss alligator (Angel) Deployant buckle with a thin design

Who's who

Two years ago, when Valbray came to show Laurent Picciotto their first watches, his initial reaction was very positive: “A lot of us have been waiting for something like this!” he said delightedly. “This”, for the proprietor of Chronopassion, was a shutter system on the watch face, forging a link between watchmaking and photography. With a completely new and ingenious system of tiny strips laid one on top of the other, Valbray has made it possible for the wearer to cover or expose all or part of the dial by turning the bezel. The appeal of this is quite simply that of having two watches in one – two faces for the same timepiece. Be that as it may, true to form, Laurent Picciotto was keen to go still further. “The shutter was a great idea, but more could be done with it,” he explains. “I liked the idea of a cover being used for something other than just covering. Perhaps, I thought, there could be several levels of telling the time on the same dial. I didn’t want the shutter to be merely an accessory. The entire watch needed to be organised around it.” Valbray duly noted the suggestion, but didn’t act on it straightaway. The brand had just been launched, on the back of a huge amount of R&D investment, and at that early stage, Valbray felt it had to convince the market that its approach was sound. But one day at the Basel fair, as Laurent Picciotto was treading the aisles seeking new talent, the Valbray team called him over and invited him backstage to show him the second generation of the product. Picciotto couldn’t help but smile – the watch featured a partially-opening shutter, revealing multiple levels of information! “Valbray had taken on board my modest contribution and – probably without even remembering where it came from – produced a new prototype very much along the lines of what I’d suggested when we first met,” says Laurent Picciotto. In the end, Valbray’s new design was to include three levels of shutters, each with a different type of covering, atop a tried and tested Dubois-Depraz base movement. Laurent Picciotto liked “the fresh approach and the fun side to the watch” – and welcomed the brand to the Chronopassion store. The adventure has only just begun, and has a promising future, just like its team: “calm, attentive and very determined,” in the words of Laurent Picciotto.

Journalist : Olivier Müller

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Valbray - VR01C & VR01D
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