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More than a watch , a diving tool.

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The ZRC 1964 Spirit is a true tribute to our models from the 60’s. It hasn’t been an easy job to “Dompter” the tense curves and the “sporty” character of the Grands Fonds which thus had to pass by a “Face-lift” to endow Vintage codes while preserving its diver’s DNA. It is the dial which raised most problems: impossible to industrially recreate the patina of time. It was thus necessary to develop a specific dial tint given to craftsmen expert hands to achieve the correct patina giving her its character. To enhance its ageing look, all luminous inserts have been developped with a specific egg-shell ton while the hands were secured with a “micro-brushing” treatment enhanced by the use of a 4mm sapphire Glass Box.

To accomplish its metamorphosis, the 1964 Spirit adorns itself with a magnificent “hand-made” ageing full calf skin cut from the thicker & softer neck portion. The aged finish shows off and perfectly match with all vintage effects.

Also available on a taupe NATO strap bracelet  (2690 € tax included) or in a full metal version equipped with the iconic expansion links DIVER bracelet (3'390 € Tax included) : the ZRC 1964 Spirit is already considered as the year end Best-Seller…

Technical specifications

Movement ETA 2824-2 - 28 000 a / H
Power reserve 38h
Curved sapphire glass “Glass box” - 4 mm
Functions Hours / Minutes / Seconds
Water resistance 300 m
anti-sand patent in the bezel
optimum reading
Screw-crown system : if it is unlocked it is impossible to wear the watch
Diameter 40,50 MM measure from 9 to 3
and 49,20 MM from lug down to lug high

Who's who

In the early 1960s, Louis BRUNET and the Annecy diving team with the support of local figures such as Louis SERVETAZ, launched plans for an affordable and efficient diving watch. Messrs. PASTRES & DIGNE, watchmakers in Toulon, diving watch specialists contributed wholeheartedly to the creation of the Grands Fonds 300 which will be immediately approved by the French Navy. After several months of tests, the Navy asked ZRC to “modify” few things such as the 3 o’clock crown too vulnerable during the underwater manipulations. The Navy as well asked for a “smart” sizable metal band system together with a mean to protect the crown without impeding wrist movement and above all, to ensure it could not open under water. The team set work and developed the famous 6 o’clock crown, connected to the case using an exclusive system consisting of a canon cut from a single block, making the Grands Fonds 300 the first watch to be equipped with a 100% Monobloc case. Furthermore, the case is machined in a particular type of steel reinforced with molybdenum that is completely antimagnetic (an absolute necessity for the Mine Clearance Divers’ group). All watches therefore underwent a test period, being trialed in all possible conditions of “military-related harsh use”. The STCM in Paris approved the new equipment and entered it into the general equipment catalog for the commissariat, attributing it the 6645 family member for deep sea diving watch. 

Motored with the 2472 ETA movement, the GF300 is more than reliable. Its super luminous MAGNUM hands provide a perfect legibility underwater. Revolutionary watch under many ways, the GF300 was issued to the Paris fire fighter department as well as the French waterskiing team. But it was above all the watch of the French Navy (Toulon diving school, 3rd division of Toulon Mine Clearance Group, the Hubert Commando) as well as the Italian Navy. It was also adopted by non-military units supported by the French Navy, including the famous CALYPSO of Commander COUSTEAU, which took the watch around the world and firmly established its reputation.

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