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Do we still have to present Bell & Ross wristwatches? These wristwatches are dedicated to a large number of professionals: air professionals, sea professionals, land professionals, not to mention first aid or safety professionals. All these moving professionals opt for perfect readability and precision at all times, with the added strength of a rubber strap. Today, their requirements benefit the private customer. 
Each collector's watch has been the subject of a replica that testifies to the particular success of each collection of these luxury wristwatches. This positioning as a luxury wristwatch, the Bell & Ross watch has acquired it with a coherent offer whose delivery at the right price has attracted lovers of Rolex watches, Cartier watches, Breitling, TAG Heuer, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Omega and more generally aviation watches, which guarantee readability and precision thanks to a Swiss movement. Even waterproofing is nowadays guaranteed thanks to the progress of the housings - a waterproofing to be added to the requirements of professionals and each individual in motion who is already concerned about precision and readability. 

Vintage but contemporary

The Bell & Ross watch stands out from other luxury aviation watches by its faithful replica of period aviation watches, through the Vintage collection offered by Bell & Ross. These vintage wristwatches mounted on leather straps are a replica in today's collection of what the aviators of the great wars wore, these professional aviation pioneers whose luxury was already to be able to obtain delivery of a timepiece suitable for their missions - a little like Breitling did in the 1920s, with each time a dial faithfully reproduced in the contemporary collection. For these watches, readability requirements were essential in flight and are found on contemporary models. Today, their precision is increased thanks to a Swiss movement from which every individual can benefit, without having the requirements of professionals. 

The brand of the Bell & Ross case

This collection of luxury wristwatches, the Vintage collection, is complemented by another collection of wristwatches that stands out for its case: the famous BR collection by Bell & Ross. It is dedicated to collectors and professionals and can be mounted on both leather and rubber straps. Its case and dial are square, to reproduce some of the counters of modern aviation, with the readability and precision that characterize them.  
While traditional luxury watches (Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Lange & Sohne, Rolex, TAG Heuer, Omega, etc.) all favour a round case, Carlos Rosillo and Bruno Belamich, the Ross and Bell of Bell & Ross, have favoured a square case and dial that also promote readability and precision. The delivery of Bell & Ross' BR watch collection truly gave the brand the first prize for creativity, at an affordable price, quickly positioning it among the elite of luxury wristwatch brands. 

A delivery offer for the armed forces

Today, the delivery of BR watches from Bell & Ross is available all over the world and with a wide variety of dials, cases, bracelets and prices, for individuals or professionals. These professionals have needs for strength and precision. The resistance is embodied in a rubber strap - high-tech rubber is as resistant as a steel strap, which is very important for professionals involved in the action. Precision is ensured by a high-precision Swiss made movement. It is manifested by the precision of the watch on a daily basis or the precision of the chronograph. In this respect, Bell & Ross guarantees high precision for its watches in partnership with Renault F1. It is here, in motor racing, that precision is critical to victory. 
The square format of the BR case has been adapted for men and women, offering a perfect replica to other brands also present in aviation, such as Breitling or Omega. This luxury offer has found its audience, expanding its watches into a coherent collection, favouring delivery to many armed forces - and not only in the field of aviation. 
Today, despite a large number of replicas, each Bell & Ross luxury wristwatch offers the possibility of building a collection of timepieces dedicated to aviation, automobiles, offering at the right price a round dial, a square dial, a vintage orientation dial or a contemporary dial - everything you need, in short, to build a collection of read.

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Bell & Ross - Bell & Ross BR‑X1 hypersonic HyperStellar chronograph

Bell & Ross BR‑X1 hypersonic HyperStellar chronograph

Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross - Bell & Ross BR03-92 DIVER BLUE

Bell & Ross BR03-92 DIVER BLUE

Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross - Bell & Ross BR-X1

Bell & Ross BR-X1

Bell & Ross



Bell & Ross



Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross - BR-X1 Skeleton Tourbillon Sapphire

BR-X1 Skeleton Tourbillon Sapphire

Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross - Bell & Ross, BR 03-94 RS17

Bell & Ross, BR 03-94 RS17

Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross - BR01 Skull Patine 1120

BR01 Skull Patine 1120

Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross - WW2 Military Tourbillon

WW2 Military Tourbillon

Bell & Ross

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