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The watches by Finnish watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva have achieved to create their space in the watchmaking universe thanks to a very specific watch design applied to the moon on the dial of the watch. Initially, on each dial design of a Stepan Sarpaneva watch was a moon phase occupying a prominent position. The particularity of the moon was its design, as the Finnish watchmaker,his Stepan Sarpaneva had integrated a moon in his watch that projected a human face. A human face that was said to be the face of Stepan Sarpaneva himself! A rather unconventional and original approach to watch design.

From the moon to MoonMachine

The limited edition watch models by Finnish watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva became famous for the design of his, particularly elaborate moon phase. As a matter of fact, all Sarpaneva watches are made to order and the distribution network of the Sarpaneva watch brand is very limited and select.

The Finnish moon that the Finnish watchmaker decided to design for each piece did not go unnoticed. To the point that this unique moon, so prominent on the dial of the Sarpaneva watches, even seduced the group of watchmakers from MB&F, and in particular Maximilian Büsser himself. The white, Northern moon of Stepan Sarpaneva exercised its power of attraction, which led to a proper, extensive MB&F collaboration, embodied by the MoonMachine and its unique design.

After a first successful collaboration in 2012 to design the MoonMachine (based on the MB&F HM3 Frog), the partnership between Stepan Sarpaneva and Maximilian Büsser took a new dimension with the MoonMachine 2, this time with a design based on HM8. MoonMachine 2 uses the same mechanism as the projected hours and minutes of the HM8 to highlight the visual impact of a moon disc appearing in a space too small to fully contain it. The projection is accomplished via an optical prism, which refracts vertically the hours, minutes and moon discs. 

The collaboration of Sarpaneva and Büsser on the design of the MoonMachine 2 resulted in a unique, triangular shaped case available in three limited editions of 12 pieces each: a black titanium case, white gold moon faces and dark blue sky; a natural titanium case, white gold moon faces and light blue sky; a red gold and titanium case, red gold moon faces and anthracite sky. The design of the MoonMachine is truly rare and unique, and the limited edition watches by the Finnish watchmaker Sarpaneva will only be found on the wrists of real connoisseurs attracted by contemporary watchmaking. These watches with their iconic-shaped case and spectacular dial design are only sold in a select number of highly specialized retailers.


Northern Lights, a new member to the Korona family

Today the MoonMachine watch is no longer produced and none has ever existed with a stainless steel case. In order to find a Stepan Sarpaneva watch with a stainless steel case, one should turn to the latest creations by the Finnish watchmaker. The most recent watches by Stepan Sarpaneva do not anymore focus exclusively on the moon face/moon phase but also on a very bright indication of the hours and minutes on the dial of the stainless steel watch.

The Finnish watchmaker has decided to make a strong usage of Super LumiNova in order to provide very strong colours to his dial indication, a truly unique design signature in luxury watchmaking. The Sarpaneva watches with such a luminous dial are the Sarpaneva Northern Lights from the Sarpaneva Korona family. These Sarpaneva watches remind us of the Finnish origins of Stepan Sarpaneva and no other watch brand will ever achieve to replicate this unique Northern spirit.

With the Sarpaneva Northern Lights model, a new member in the Sarpaneva Korona family, time is indicated on the dial through central hours and minutes hands. But beyond the unusually shaped, wave-like steel case of the watch, the main attraction of the Sarpaneva Northern Lights model is to be found on the dial, composed of a clear base plate – in light green, light blue or light violet – with a skeletonized brushed plate on the top. It also comes with Sarpaneva’s favourite moon-phase indication visible through a window at 6 o’clock and showing white stars and a white or red gold Sarpaneva moon face. The stainless steel Stepan Sarpaneva Korona Northern Lights comes in three limited editions: a green model with stainless steel case, a blue model with stainless steel case, and a violet model with DLC coated stainless steel case.


The Stepan Sarpaneva Korona Northern Lights models need to be sold in the night because this is when it gets really cool. Indeed, the light main plate of the dial is actually fully luminous, in green, blue or violet depending on the edition. This is made possible through the usage of an advanced composite developed by James Thompson of Black Badger, the master of magical moon glow. Sarpaneva uses here Black Badger’s new a proprietary material that gathers ambient light and bleeds it back out over an extended period of time. This material combined with the skeletonized upper dial, the hands and indices create a unique design and an unusual vision. While we are used to reading time during the night from contrasting indices and hands over a black face, the Sarpaneva Korona Northern Lights reads the other way with dark indications over a luminous plate. This creates a truly unique and dramatic look to the stainless steel watch, and even more to the unique Sarpaneva moon on the dial. 


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Sarpaneva - Sarpaneva K0 , 4 seasons , winter

Sarpaneva K0 , 4 seasons , winter


Sarpaneva - Sarpaneva KORONA NORTHERN LIGHT



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