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It is the story of a meeting, that of the watchmaker François Czapek with Antoine Norbert de Patek, two Polish emigrants who combined their talent to produce pocket watches and then wristwatches that would change the world of watchmaking. The watchmaker Antoine Norbert de Patek would see his surname associated with that of Adrien Philippe, to become the famous Geneva house behind the first Patek Philippe factory watches. Antoine Norbert de Patek and François Czapek collaborated for six consecutive years, each watchmaker bringing to the other his art in the production of high-end watches that were not yet called "watch manufacture". 

Renaissance in Geneva, at the Quai des Bergues

The Czapek company is based on this story, a story in progress that saw watchmaker Antoine Norbert de Patek flying on his own with Adrien Philippe, while François Czapek's name was to be permanently relegated to the archives of history, until Xavier de Roquemaurel's initiative. 
The rebirth of the Czapek watch came in the 21st century, long after Patek Philippe, long established as an essential Swiss company, a manufacturer whose every wristwatch collection is part of the history of fine watchmaking. 
Czapek wristwatches have now developed their own identity, drawing inspiration from the story of the first life of the watchmaker François Czapek but building a modern collection of wristwatches, writing their own history in Geneva. Founded by Xavier de Roquemaurel, Czapek is not (yet) a manufacturer like Patek Philippe but a luxury watchmaker at the origin of a wristwatch that has been a great success in Geneva: the Quai des Bergues. 

A Grand Prize in Geneva for the Quai des Bergues collection

This collection of Quai des Bergues wristwatches, the first since the rebirth of the name Czapek, won the public prize at the Grand Prix de l'Horlogerie de Genève in 2016. This model of watch with enamel dial and leather strap, with an indication of the seconds, days and power reserve on the dial, has put the history of watchmaker François Czapek back in motion, bringing the company to the heart of the great march of Geneva's haute horlogerie in record time. 
This "Quai des Bergues" watchmaking project can also be personalised with inscriptions on the dial, the case and a choice of bracelet. This first watch of the new era of the Czapek company allowed Xavier de Roquemaurel to restore this prestigious name not far from that of Patek Philippe, with however different watches, giving pride of place to the enamel dial with large Roman numerals that have become the signature of the Quai des Bergues collection. 
Today, the Quai des Bergues collection is completed by a collection of wristwatches "Place Vendome" (in Paris) and another collection of wristwatches "Faubourg de Cracovie". Here again, this watchmaking project combines the stories of François Czapek, Antoine Norbert de Patek and Adrien Philippe, the company Czapek re-founded by Xavier de Roquemaurel and the Geneva-based Patek Philippe Manufacture. The Quai des Bergues collection is thus completed by a wristwatch with tourbillon and a chronograph, each time with a haute horlogerie movement that animates this collection, created exclusively for the company Czapek. Each watch can once again be personalised (dial, bracelet or case), allowing everyone to write their own story directly on their wristwatch.

Chronopassion is AUTHORIZED RETAILER of CZAPEK since 2016,date of the brand's birth.

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Czapek - Czapek Quai des Bergues N. 25bis

Czapek Quai des Bergues N. 25bis


Czapek - Czapek , quai des Bergues , N° 33 bis

Czapek , quai des Bergues , N° 33 bis


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