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After sales service and Warranty

Warranty :

The Breguet warranty can only be issued  by an official Breguet retailer. It is valid for 24 months after the date of purchase and it covers any defect in parts and manufacture existing when the purchased Breguet watch was delivered.
The warranty is only valid if the certificate of origin and the warranty certificate have been completed with the reference number of the model, the number of the watch, the date of purchase and the stamp and signature of an official retailer of Montres Breguet SA.
For the period of the warranty and upon presentation of the completed warranty certificate, Breguet will undertake the free repair of any defect. In the event that it cannot by such repairs be restored to normal conditions of use, Montres Breguet SA undertakes to replace it with a Breguet watch of identical or similar characteristics. The warranty on a replacement watch expires 24 months after the date of purchase of the replaced watch.
This warranty does not cover :
- Normal wear and tear, including scratches to glass, change in colour or deterioration of non-metallic straps such as leather
- Damage arising from maintenance, service or repair by any retailer not duly authorized by Montres Breguet SA. The restoration of watches that have been modified outside the supervision of Montres Breguet SA
- Any damage resulting directly or indirectly  from the use, failure, defects or timekeeping of a Breguet watch
- Any damage from negligence, lack of care or failure to service the watch regularly as recommended in your warranty certificate.
- Damage such as dents, deformations or broken glass to any part of the watch resulting from misuse of the watch (dropping it, exposing it to shocks or getting a non-water resistant watch wet) or from accidents
- Damage from the incorrect use of the watch and its functions and from non-compliance with the instruction provided by Montres Breguet SA.
All other claims against Montres Breguet SA, for example for damages not covered in this warranty, are excluded except for those within the mandatory rights of the purchaser.
This manufacturer’s warranty :
- Is independent of any guarantee provided by the seller and for which the sellers assume sole responsibility 
- Has no effects on the buyer’s mandatory  rights in regards to the seller or in his/her dealings with the seller
Montres Breguet SA customer service will ensure the perfect maintenance of your Breguet watch. If your watch needs attention, please entrust it to one of our official Breguet retailers or Breguet Service Centres. They alone can guarantee service to the standards of Montres Breguet SA.