WHO'S WHO, Franck Muller


25 years ! For a quarter of a century now, with Franck Muller, we have been following each other. It was at one of the very first exhibitions in Geneva. The oldest ones remember the Master Bankers, the Casablanca, the first Minute Repeaters. Since then, the manufactory has made its ranges and has established itself as an institutional brand.


It is this common history between Chronopassion and Franck Muller that is still being written today. All the work on the curvex shape, which has forged the brand's identity, is more relevant than ever. The scales have evolved perfectly over time, without ever cutting themselves off from their DNA.


Today, it is possible to benefit from Franck Muller's know-how at very well positioned prices.


This is what seduced us in the new chapter we are opening today with the brand - the feeling of finding a close friend, a long-time friend who has made his way and on whom we find him. Franck Muller, the man, has traced a path in which Franck Muller, the brand, has built its legitimacy. It is very rare for a brand like Chronopassion to reopen a collaboration 25 years after its first chapter, but Franck Muller is anything but a conventional manufacturer....