Who's Who, Edelberg


Very few retail chains in France sell the Edelberg brand. The only watchmaking chain to do so is Chronopassion. This is hardly surprising, since Edelberg is in fact a brand of pen. 

Laurent Picciotto is a watchmaking enthusiast but above all a man who loves beautiful objects, innovation and good workmanship. It was probably these characteristics that led him to identify Edelberg as a shrewd addition to his watch collections. The brand defines itself as haute manufacture’. 

When Carlo E. Naldi launched it in Zug, in the spring of 2010, he was venturing into unknown territory. As a the distributor in Switzerland of the finest Italian fountain pens, his reputation and knowledge of writing instruments have earned him acclaim in the world of high-class office accessories and craftsmanship. In addition to established brands, ‘Naldi-Italy’ has given its own name to a range of exclusive items ranging from cufflinks to cases, and even including designer keyrings. 

Pens, however, remain a completely separate art form, calling on age-old know-how. Carlo Naldi decided to have a dedicated collection: Edelberg. Why Edelberg? The word is simply a contraction of Edelweiss and Gutenberg; in other words, the natural combination of the excellence of Swiss manufactories and the invention of the printing press. The brand came into being six months later in Geneva, in October 2010. 

From the outset, Edelberg creations went for a ground-breaking appearance featuring a sophisticated, minimalist design, embodied in precious materials such as ivory, along with modern substances like carbon fibre. So how does an Edelberg differ from other similar Italian creations of the same calibre? In one key detail – precisely what attracted Laurent Picciotto’s attention to the ‘Sloop’ model: “Running the length of the pen, there is a Super-LumiNova line – a distinguishing mark that is sure to catch the eye of watchmaking enthusiasts.” 

Although writing instruments and watches are part of the same world of luxury, Laurent Picciotto prefers to leave the comparison at that: “Even if watches have become accessories these days, they do at least tell the time, whereas the Super-LumiNova luminous line is of no practical use! It’s a purely aesthetic delight. One can quite easily do without a pen, but this simple idea puts this writing instrument in a category all its own – thereby making it a must-have!

Journalist : Olivier Mûller  05/2012