Who’s Who Ulysse Nardin


Ulysses Nardin? A very long history with Chronopassion! We started working together in 1992. As is often the case, it was above all a story of an exceptional man - that of watchmaker genius Ludwig Oechslin, with Rolf Schnyder as the brand's director. We have had several episodes of collaboration always based on the soul of the brand. Ulysse Nardin is a factory that tells a story, immerses us in a universe. The Planetarium, the Astrolabe or the Tellurium are, even today, parts that have no equivalent. They are still in the firmament of the great astronomical complications but, above all, they are pieces that tell a unique story.
Even today, Ulysse Nardin still allows great collectors to escape. In addition, the brand has acquired exceptional technical capabilities. For nearly 20 years, Freak has been at the forefront of watchmaking science. It embodies better than any other this philosophy specific to Ulysse Nardin, with a very strong technical proposal and, at the same time, the coherence of an exceptional environment, based in particular on performance and the nautical environment. Their approach to erotic watches is equally unique, ranging from PLC parts to Manara's drawings. The brand's new management team heralds even more daring developments in which, once again, we will be partners.