Who’s Who Fiona Krüger


She is a woman, a designer, without any watchmaking experience and who has embarked on an already rather crowded niche, the skull. Needless to say, Fiona Krüger's chances of success were close to zero.
Yet the opposite has happened. Chronopassion's presence at its side since its beginnings is probably not unrelated. We have been working with Fiona since her first drawings. Why? Why? Because her intuition was the right one: whereas most skull watches were limited, until now, to its representation on the dial, Fiona has totally redesigned the case of her watch so that it is he who embodies the skull. Today, you can wear your skull directly on your skin. Fiona even had the good idea to transcend gender by proposing a watch for men and women, as rich in colour as a "full black" model.
The very strict limitation of his creations also seduced us. It is a golden rule for most of the independents we choose, a rule from which our collectors do not deviate. Fiona Krüger's Skull remains a singular curiosity in the watchmaking landscape. She herself remains a free electron with a rare creative freedom. It is not part of the watchmaking seraglio, there are no limits. Each of his creations is affected.