Who’s who Singer Reimagined


Singer Reimagined, or Singer, is above all Rob Dickinson's project. Man lives for rock and beautiful mechanics. In other words, it had been on my radar for many years. When I learned that he was going into watchmaking and that his project was going to involve one of the most brilliant watchmakers of our time, Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, I didn't even wait to see him. The result promised to be explosive. In fact, it has gone far beyond that.
Track 1 is demonic. When it comes to chronographs, there is a before and an after Singer. Jean-Marc Wiederrecht's Agenhor movement is revolutionary. We finally get out of the unreadable tricompax. The Track 1 Chrono is king, it occupies the entire dial, readable, strong, imposing - and for a time period of 59h59! Even the underside of the room is incredible. Having opted for an oscillating weight under the dial - and not under the movement - allows you to see the complexity of the calibre, the beauty, the uniqueness. 477 components of pure watchmaking engineering.
Singer has really brought something new to the world of chronographs. This only happens once a century. There was the invention of the second push-piece, that of the high frequency, but never before had the presentation and design of the movement itself been reviewed. Not that much. And it will be a few decades before such an invention is in turn outdated.
It doesn't really matter whether you're connected to the automotive world or not. Track 1 is a watch bomb, carried by a brand outside the seraglio and which has very serious claims - and the means to achieve them. We were there at the beginning, we will probably be there for a long time to come...