Who’s Who TAG Heuer


It all began - of course - with a story of men and friendship. When Jean-Claude Biver took over the management of TAG Heuer, the brand presented itself in a new light that caught our attention. It was not really in the bosom expected of Chronopassion, but the very long experience we had with Jean-Claude Biver heralded great changes. They didn't take long to get there.
The triggering element was the house Tourbillon, the famous Heuer 01T calibre. With it, TAG Heuer demonstrated that it was possible to produce a first series of modern, COSC-certified tourbillons with a true sporting vocation and at an unbeatable price. It was a first and, like many first watchmakers, we were there.
The rest of the story was written with the mastery we know from Jean-Claude Biver: a marriage of vintage skillfully brought up to date, disruptive technologies, surprises, limited editions that are always in great demand from our customers. Monaco and Autavia are essential pieces for any collector. Limited editions with Alec Monopoly are cool, quite simply: watches to fall in love with, to be offered at the drop of a hat to please yourself, with always the almost nil probability of meeting one on the wrist of another collector.
The new TAG Heuer has reconciled its historical approach with an amazing innovative power. It has become an institutional brand in its own right, both secular and young, technical and affordable. No one can really align the same assets. From the Monaco V4 in sapphire as a single piece to the limited series, Chronopassion is part of this new trajectory that will never cease to amaze us.