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Fine watchmaking and military symbolism

Bell & Ross Watches (limited edition) 01 Tourbillon Airborne

If there was one aviation Division within the United States military that Bell & Ross watches were almost certain to want to pay tribute to, then that was surely the US Army Airborne Division. Formed during the Second World War, and playing a conspicuous role in the liberation of Europe, particularly in the airborne assault on Normandy, France, the Airborne Division quickly adopted the skull and crossbones as its motif, a symbol not only of the demands placed upon a man by airborne military service, but also of risk, vulnerability and the fragility of life. This very rich military aviation heritage and the emotions that the Airborne Division evokes are all very fitting tributes for a modern watch design from Bell & Ross watches, which the black limited edition 01 Tourbillon Airborne model perfectly encapsulates.

The Bell & Ross Watches (limited edition) 01 Tourbillon Airborne features a skull in a square shape, crisscrossed by the crossbones that traditionally accompanies the skull, very clear references to the motif favoured by the U.S. Airborne division itself.  The watch case itself is a very large 46mm in black titanium, with a black titanium bezel. This men’s chronograph watch has a movement design offering a power reserve indicator and accuracy (or torque) indicator in addition to both the hours and minutes hands and the tourbillon cage itself, beautifully presented beneath the main time display to the dial side. In addition to the black titanium case version, other variations on the Bell & Ross Watches (limited edition) 01 Tourbillon Airborne theme now include an engraved silicon copper bronze cased version (with no tourbillon). In the BR 01 Tourbillon Skull version, the manual winding movement features carbon fibre main plates and bridges and a tourbillon carriage or cage with black gold finish. This model reverts to black titanium (Diamond Like Carbon or DLC) case finish, with the large tourbillon cage placed at the six o’clock position or the mouth of the skull and crossbones, the enduring symbol of U.S. Airborne heritage highlight in three-dimensional machining, in a black on black design. Likewise the hour and minute hands, power and accuracy indicators as well as the finer parts of the tourbillon cage itself, are also complete with a black or black gold finish. The all-black airborne aviation heritage, reminiscent of stealthy night time paratroop drops of this Bell & Ross Watches (limited edition) 01 Tourbillon Airborne chronograph continues to many other elements of the watch, including the 3D effect dial which is complete with photo-luminescent coatings in a honeycomb, and an anti-reflective sapphire crystal to dial side front and back. The tourbillon, being one of the most sophisticated of watch and timepiece complications, with a rich heritage all of its own dating back to watchmaking in Paris, France and London in the 18th Century, is very gracefully executed in the Bell & Ross Watches (limited edition) 01 Tourbillon Airborne, and while it does form the centrepiece of the watch face, its black on black aesthetic not only recalls death and the skull and crossbones motif of the Airborne Division but also adds a very subtle style element.

Whether bought to tell the time or as an exquisite piece of fine watchmaking, the Bell & Ross Watches (limited edition) 01 Tourbillon Airborne is guaranteed to provide the wearer, wherever they may be, with a real sense of heritage, of the U.S. Airborne division and its smirking relationship with the skull and crossbones and death itself, and of course, of the central importance of the tourbillon movement in the heritage of watchmaking.

Technical specifications

  • mechanical with manual winding.
  • Carbon fiber mainplates and bridges.
  • Tourbillon carriage with black gold finish
Complications and functions
  • Tourbillon. Regulator.
  • Power reserve indicator (five days).
  • Precision indicator.
Case : 
  • 46 mm diameter.
  • DLC*-finish titanium.
  • Titanium screw-in crown.
  • Sapphire caseback.
  • Crystal: anti-reflective sapphire.
  • water resistance: 50 meters.
  • 3d dial: photoluminescent black with mesh-like design.
  • shagreen and rubber
Limited edition

20 pieces

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