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In 2017, precisely 100 years after the starts of the Russian Revolution, Fabergé unveils a chronograph of revolutionary significance in the horological cosmos and pays tribute to the unfinished Constellation Egg of 1917. 


The constellations of the universe allow us not only to look back into the history of the stars and galaxies, but also to, measure accurately the time that has elapsed as our universe, and the story of humankind on Earth, continue to unfold.


The synthesis of starry constellations and their relationship with the measurement of the time sets the stage on which Fabergé is delighted to present the Fabergé Visionnaire Chronograph, linking the events of 100 years ago with those of today.



The design and development of the faberge Visionnaire Chrono began three years ago. Work on its revolutionary movement commenced almost a decade ago. The spiritual genesis of the watch was written in imperial Russian 100 years ago.


As an homage to the unfinished Constellation Egg of 1917, The Visionnaire Chronographe carries a laser-engraved etching of the egg, visible only to those who know where to seek it.


Chronographs are tasked with measuring time, recording noteworthy events, giving a definitive dimension o occurrences we wish to remember. the roots of the word « chronograph » translate to « time-writer » given the Greek kronos for time and graphein for « write ». this writing of time is inextricably linked to the writing of history. Pulsometric chronographs measure the heartbeat of newborns. Sporting chronographs capture milestone achievement on the athletic fiel and racetrack. a chronograph went to the moon to witness one giant leap for mankind. 


thanks to a revolutionary new movement by Agenhor, the Visionnaire Chronograph transforms the standard for chronographic precision and legibility. The result is much more than an instrument for recording landmark event : the conception and manufacture of the movement are landmark achievement in their own right.


The Visionnaire Chronograph evokes the outer time-telling disc of the unfinished Constellation Egg, as well as the rotating rings found around certain stars and planets, by displaying prevailing time on the periphery of the watch dial while the chronograph function - featuring three hands on a single, shared spindle - takes centre stage. this concentric arrangement, in which prevailing time wholly surrounds a chronograph mounted on a single spindle, is a world first, made possible by the innovative calibre masterminded by Agenhor, which crates space at the centre of the movement so that it can house complication modules. it is day analogue to a Faberge  egg - a mechanical opus with a wondrous surprise at its core.



Following the resounding success of the Visionnaire DTZ, named best watch in the Travel Time Category at the 2016 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, Faberge has again pushed the boundaries of ehcnical innovation with a powerful new addition to the Faberge Visionnaire collection of 2017.



The Visionnaire Chronograph is powered b the automatic calibre 636l, a revolutionary new movement that imparts unprecedented clarity, precision and efficiency to the highly popular chronograph complication. it is radically different to an other chronograph ever made. nearly a decade of work and five horologically significant patents are deployed by Agenhor, the Geneva-based movement specialist. This is the fourth complication arising from the collaboration between Fabergé and the legendary master Watchmaker, Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, and his team of oological experts.


The indication of the Visionnaire Chronograph are displayed centrally, with concentric counters. The outermost chapter ring and minuterie are for time telling, traversed by luminous markers that appear to hover over the dial with no central attachment point. A dedicated central dial is reserved for the chronograph display, with its three co-axial hands.


As a result, The Visionnaire Chronograph is remarkably easy to read. it is designed to fit our most naturel instincts when reading the time, in contrast to conventional chronographs where the seconds, minutes and hours are each displayed at different places on the dial.


This significant gain in legibility is thanks to the unique construction of the calibre 636L, comprising  a central chronograph module set within an annular base movement.


In keeping with the theatrical dial first seen in the DTZ, the rotor of the Visionnaire Chronograph is visible under the sapphire crystal ring that forms the outermost part off the dial. As the rotor spins and winds the watch, the radial lines on its surfaces subtly catch the light, adding a constant dynamism and motion in keeping with a sports complication. To mark the 100th anniversary of the last Imperial Easter egg commissioned, Fabergé has a laser-cut etching of the 1917 Constellation Egg on the sapphire case back, visible only under certain light condition.


The oblong chronograph pushers are positioned at 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock, intelligently positioned for comfortable use whether on the wrist or in the hand. The case diameter of 43mm enhances the authority of the Visionnaire Chronograph on the wrist while the ergonomic, integrated strap attachments maintain the modern, compact profile of the Visionnaire design.


The Visionnaire Chronograph will launch in two versions, both featuring case accents in titanium, a material characterized by lightness and strength, key considerations fo a contemporary sports watch. Those who prefer a more classic aesthetic can opt for the rose-gold case with grey opaline dial, while those in favor of a stronger look may prefer the black ceramic case with black dial.


  • THE CALIBRE 636l - AgenGraph 

The advantages imparted by the unique construction of the calibre 636l go far beyond chronograph legibility.


Chronographs are inextricably associated with the concept of precision, and the new instant-start indication of the the calibre 636l provide a significant advantage over the ambiguity of traditional chronographs and their semi-instantaneous twitches. This feat is achieved by a system of snail cams, fixed to the chronograph wheels along the central camshaft of the calibre 636l. Upon completion of a full minutes of a full hour, a snail cam trips a pawl that instantly clicks the chronograph indication forwards by a sigle step.


Further precision is provided by the patented AgenClutch, a completely novel, lateral-friction clutch that robustly combines the smooth engagement of the modern vertical clutch with the flatness of the traditional system.


The chronograph reset function has been reworked and improved int he calibre 636l, streamlining both construction and energy consumption. Ingeniously, the snail cams the trigger the instant-advance display also control the reset to zero. The traditional chronograph reset heart cams, reset hammers and hight-tension blade springs are no longer needed, replaced in the calibre 636l by multifunctional snail cams and low-torque spiral springs.


The aesthetic advantage of this system is that the motion of the chronograph hands, as they reset, is unidirectional. The functional advantage of this arrangement is that it dramatically reduces the mechanical stress within the movement. from start to finish, the calibre 636l has been engineered to the reach of the highest levels of chronometric performance and mechanical resilience, qualities that play a key role in Fabergé’s aim of obtaining the prestigious Geneva Seal certification.

Technical specifications

RÉFÉRENCE : 1931/8



- Calibre 636l

- Self-winding

- Diameter 34,40mm (15 lignes)

- Thickness : 7,17mm

- Number of components : 477

- Power Reserve 60H

- 21’600 vibration/h



- Mainplate : circular grained

- Bridges : Côtes de Genève, hand polished chamfering



- Hours & Minutes

- Chronograph (24H, 60min, 60sec)



- Black ceramic and dark grey DLC treated titanium case

- 43mm

- Domed sapphire crystal and case back with single sided anti-reflective treatment 

- Dark grey DLC treated titanium and rubber crown

- Dark grey DLC treated titanium pushers 



- Bezel : black dial with TCI luminescent coating 15-min indicator

- Sapphire with grey metallic treatment on the external part and applied numerous and hours indicator 

- Opaline Decorative treatment with black rhodium in the rotor

- Chronograph section : black opaline with printed indicators



- Hours & Minutes : gilded brass with TCI luminescent coating

- Chronograph : gilded aluminium with red print



- Aligator strap

- Black treated titanium Faberge folding clasp



- 50m



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