giuliano mazzuoli - Contagiri
giuliano mazzuoli - Contagiri


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Contagiri (tachometer in Italian) is a watch in which Giuliano Mazzuoli relives his experience as a racecar driver and his passion for motor sports. It took four years of development, production planning, prototyping, and international patents to create a jewel of time keeping that is completely made in Switzerland. The essential lines and the simple graphics create a revolutionary system to measure the hours and minutes. The watch has one hand that retrogrades after moving across an arc of 270° while pointing to numbers between 0 and 12 indicating the hour. On the side of the case is a stow-away lever that acts like a sort of “gear shift” that allows for the winding of the automatic movement and the setting of the time by turning the bezel.

Technical specifications

  • Stainless Steel with black DLC treatment
  • 44 mm
  • GM Cambiosequenziale/01
  • Retrograde hours
  • White
  • Black rubber
  • Wind and set the time thanks to the bezel!

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