HYT - HYT H4 , 512-TD-68-RF-RN
HYT - HYT H4 , 512-TD-68-RF-RN

HYT H4 , 512-TD-68-RF-RN

HYT | 79'000 € Tax inc.

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Illuminated. Stimulated. Polarized.
HYT is driven by the resolution of contradictions. The latest H4 watches further highlight this intrinsic fascination with giving meaning to what is paradoxical. The new coloured watches remain faithful to the brand's common thread by highlighting the power of the past and the future to affect the context and content of the present. At the same time, they bring a remarkable new dimension to the combined energy of the two opposites that give rise to potential controversy - light and liquid - with the smallest dynamo ever invented, for which a patent has been filed.
There is a moment of tension when creativity brilliantly solves a puzzle; the new H4s were born from such a moment.
HYT is a master at organizing direct encounters between art and science, uniting the world of watchmaking and fluidics by displaying the passage of time through immiscible liquids. H4 takes root on this foundation to explore the tensions between day and night, aware that the passage of time never stops. The illumination comes from the first mechanical source ever designed for a complication of fine watchmaking. The exploration of new territories in the field of miniaturization and component curvature has led to the internal development of a micro-generator, which allows light to be supplied from two LEDs, without any batteries or electronic components. 
Bauhaus' audacity animates a canvas of black and silver metallic components in four limited editions of the H4. Three of them favour red, green and blue, respectively. A fourth family member also welcomes a touch of yellow in an amazing multicoloured testimony. When fluorescent nanoparticles capture light on transparent composite dials, each of the tiny perforations on the surface of the dial turns into a source of light. The harmonious combination of an exclusive mechanical movement and a patented fluidic module adds its signature to the paradoxical perfection of these watches. Even the bi-material bracelet, made of rubber and technical fabric, shows that opposites attract, act and interact. 

Technical specifications

Fiche technique
Fonctions : 
- Heures fluidiques rouges
- Minutes, secondes, réserve de marche
Boîte : 
- Titane, traitement DLC noir, finitions satinées et microbillées
- Diamètre : 51 mm
- Hauteur : 17,9 mm
- Couronne vissée en titane, traitement DLC noir, gainée de caoutchouc noir
- Couronne poussoir en titane, traitement DLC noir, gainée de caoutchouc rouge
- Dôme en titane, traitement DLC noir
- Glace saphir bombée, traitement antireflet
- Fond vissé, glace saphir 
- Étanche jusqu’à 50 mètres
Module micro-fluidique exclusif et breveté HYT :
- Tube-capillaire en verre borosilicate, nano-coating intérieur
- Soufflets métalliques multicouches
- Deux liquides non miscibles ; l’un transparent, l’autre teinté par un colorant de haute performance
- Compensateur thermique équipé d’un soufflet et d’un liquide spécifiques 
- Restricteurs fluidiques en céramique high-tech
Mouvement : 
- Mécanique à remontage manuel, calibre exclusif HYT

- 28 800 alt/h, 4 Hz, 35 rubis

- Ponts anglés et décorés Côtes de Genève
- 65 heures de réserve de marche
Interface :
- Transmission entre mouvement et module fluidique par transformation de la rotation en mouvement linéaire par un système came-suiveur
- Appui isostatique sur le système fluidique assuré par un trident
Module mécanique lumière blanche : 
- Fonction remontage du système avec couronne poussoir
- Déclenchement de la lumière par appui sur la couronne poussoir
- Illumination du cadran grâce à deux LEDs situées sous de dôme et directement alimentées par un micro-générateur 

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