MB&F - Horological Machine No3 Frog Zr
MB&F - Horological Machine No3 Frog Zr

Horological Machine No3 Frog Zr

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Until recently, the world's rarest frog was thought to be Isthmohyla rivularis, which was rediscovered in 2008 in the rainforests of Costa Rica. Now, however, that tiny tree frog's place in the record books has been taken by a new amphibian, one with a black satin skin tough enough to take anything the jungle can dish out: MB&F's Frog Zr. Zr is the chemical symbol for zirconium, a transition metal resembling titanium. Titanium on steroids! To give an idea of just how tough zirconium is, the blades and vanes in modern jet engines and gas turbines can only support the incredibly high temperatures and stresses they generate thanks to a protective ceramic layer of zirconium and yttrium oxide! MB&F introduced the HM3 Frog to bring some playfulness into high-end watchmaking. It certainly did just that and the Frog Zr is no exception. Underneath its apparently tough guy zirconium exterior, the flamboyant purple 22K gold rotor animatedly spinning on the dial, reflecting intriguing hints of green and yellow, sends a crystal clear message that the Frog Zr also has a healthy sense of fun! Limited edition of 18 pieces.

Technical specifications

  • Zirconium
  • 47 mm x 50 mm x 16 mm
  • Three-dimensional horological engine by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht/Agenhor
  • automatic
  • Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date, Day/Night indicator
  • Black alligator

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