MB&F - MB&F Starfleet Machine – L’EPEE 1839
MB&F - MB&F Starfleet Machine – L’EPEE 1839

MB&F Starfleet Machine – L’EPEE 1839


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Starfleet Machine – L’EPEE 1839 by MB&F

Starfleet Machine: the inter-galactic journey of Swiss watch-making


Not quite a clock, not quite a watch, but something in between. Yet what is certain is that the limited edition Starfleet Machine by MB&F and L’Epée is a genuine work of art, a luxurious horological machine that tells the time. The Starfleet Machine by MB&F and L’Epée is so unique in its design proposition that it could be presented as the inter-galactic journey of Swiss watchmaking. This limited edition table clock, produced in only 175 pieces, is both futuristic and horologically elaborate, in pure Maximilian Busser style. The Starfleet Machine is a horological machine with no dial and whose movement is entirely visible around and below its central dome. The Starfleet Machine is a clock centred within two concentric C-shaped rings and suspended on three arc-shaped beams all composed of stainless steel. 

The limited edition Starfleet Machine boasts the traditional horological movement construction of a table clock, yet with an impressive 40-day power reserve. The Starfleet Machine is a limited edition creation of only 175 pieces, marking L’Epée’s 175th anniversary. This piece of horological art comes as a valuable addition to the existing and rich collection of machines already jointly created by L’Epée and Busser’s MB&F. Once again, the machine created displays power, creativity and legacy and is an invitation to travel to the moon and back. The limited edition Starfleet horological machine displays all of MB&F’s know-how in terms of exceptional watch design, and also, of course, the historical expertise of L’Epée in terms of luxury clock construction (both wall clocks and table clocks).


A galactic construction

This new luxury machine created by L’Epée displays a central movement, as in any table clock, articulated around a black dome featuring MB&F’s signature hours and minutes numerals. The watch has rotating hours and minutes hands so as to outline the time on the central dome of the machine. Below 12 o’clock on the central hour-minute dome are the double retrograde seconds in the form of turret-mounted laser cannons that “guard” the escapement. The cannons start in parallel and cross over one another before rapidly flying out again, marking off 20-second intervals. Next to the central dome of the watch is a smaller display dome, which is actually a rotating power reserve indicator with incremental energy bar markings (each bar corresponds to eight days of power reserve). The power reserve dome is accompanied by a revolving radar dish, which provides for an intuitive view of the remaining energy in the machine. Does the machine still have enough power to fly to the moon and back? A quick glance at the black radar dish will provide us with the answer. The power reserve indication is a signature complication of Max Busser, as shown in the brilliant execution of his vertical power reserve in the Legacy Machine No.1. With the Starfleet Machine by MB&F and L’Epée, the horological legacy of these creative visionaries will undoubtedly continue.

Unlike the many white gold, red gold or titanium MB&F watches, the entire structure of the Starfleet Machine clock is in stainless steel. No gold to be found on this machine. Indeed, the two concentric C-shaped rings and the three arc-shaped beams are all composed of stainless steel. The black touch provided to the central dome of the watch gives an additional sense of power and modernity to the limited edition Starfleet time machine.

Swiss quality ready for take-off

If compared to Balthazar, the robot creation by MB&F and L’Epée, the limited edition Starfleet Machine in stainless steel cannot really be considered as a robot since it’s different parts are not articulated in the same way as the Balthazar robot. However, the Starfleet Machine is definitely a piece of horological art. It is an emblematic stainless steel creation that will be a cornerstone of the MB&F and L’Epée legacy for the generations to come.

The MB&F Starfleet Machine movement features superlative fine finishing of the type generally found on the finest wristwatches, including Côtes de Genève, anglage, polishing, sand-blasting, and circular and vertical satin finishing. No surprise therefore that the movement is at the centre of this horological machine so that the finest connoisseurs and most avid collectors of exceptional timepieces can fully enjoy all its intricacies…and dream of flying to the moon and back. Remember, Busser and his friends have only produced 175 pieces of this horological Starfleet…for the legacy. True collector pieces of time art. 

Technical specifications

// Starfleet Machine is limited to 175 pieces and is available in ‘light’ or ‘dark’ editions, the latter with ruthenium-finished components. //






- Hours & Minutes

Curved, hand-polished hands rotate to indicating hours and minutes on a polished, central dome. The dome features MB&F's signature numerals.


- Retrograde seconds

20-second intervals indicated by double retrograde fly-out cannons emanating from central dome.


- Power reserve indicator

A dome indicator, framed by a hand finished arc, provides an intuitive view of remaining energy as it turns 270°: 5 bars, 4 bars, 3 bars, 2 bars, 1 bar (1 bar = 8 days). Complemented by a 'radar dish' that also revolves 270°.





- Height: approx. 21cm

- Diameter: approx. 29cm

- Screws in stainless steel



- "LIGHT" version

Inner C-shaped structure, external C-shaped structure, support arcs and screws: all in stainless steel


- "DARK" version

Inner C-shaped structure, external C-shaped structure and support arcs: ruthenium-treated stainless steel





- L’EPÉE in-house designed and manufactured movement

- Balance frequency: 18,000 vph / 2.5Hz

- Barrels: 5 in series

- Power reserve: 40 days

- Jewels: 48

- Incabloc shock protection system

-Manual-winding: Double-ended key to set time and wind movement


"LIGHT" Version

- Mechanism and main plate in palladium-treated brass


"DARK" Version:

- Mechanism in palladium-treated brass

- Main plate in ruthenium-treated brass






- Material: polished glass

- Height: 27cm

- Maximum diameter : 31,5cm




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