MB&F - MB&F Flying T Tourbillon Baguette Diamonds
MB&F - MB&F Flying T Tourbillon Baguette Diamonds

MB&F Flying T Tourbillon Baguette Diamonds

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Legacy Machine Flying Tourbillon

Legacy Machine FlyingT INSPIRATIONS


The creative process behind Legacy Machine FlyingT started four years ago when Maximilian Büsser began thinking about making something inspired by the feminine influences in his life. Says Büsser, “I created MB&F to do what I believe in, making three-dimensional sculptural kinetic art pieces that give the time. I was creating for myself, which is the only way we could have made all these crazy and audacious pieces over the years. But at some point, there came a desire to create something for the women in my family. I’ve been surrounded by their influence all my life, so I gave myself the challenge to do something for them.”


The inspiration came from the combination of seemingly incompatible qualities that characterised the greatest feminine figures in Maximilian Büsser’s life. Elegance was key, but so was an infectious energy that could captivate an entire roomful of people. The lines and composition of Legacy Machine FlyingT epitomise these qualities, being as re ned and pure as any other Legacy Machine, but with the dynamism and exuberance of a central flying tourbillon.


The intimate and personal nature of LM FlyingT led to the ultimate placement of the time indication at the 7 o’clock position on the dial plate, with the black or white lacquer dial tilted 50° to face the wearer. The message is subtle but clear – that whoever the owners and wearers of Legacy Machine flying T may be, their time belongs to them and no one else.


Technical specifications


Three-dimensional vertical architecture, automatic winding, conceived and developed in-house by MB&F Central  Fying 60-second tourbillon

Power reserve: 100 hours

Balance frequency: 2.5 Hz / 18,000 bph

Three-dimensional sun winding rotor in 18k 5N+ red gold, titanium and platinum. Number of components: 280

Number of jewels: 30


Hours and minutes displayed on a 50° vertically titled dial with two blued serpentine hands. Two crowns: winding on left and time-setting on right


Material: 18k white gold and diamonds

High domed sapphire crystal on top with anti-re ective coating on both sides, sapphire crystal on back. Dimensions: 38.5mm × 20mm

Number of components: 17

Water resistance: 30 m / 90’ / 3 atm


294-baguette diamonds and 3 stones (134-baguette diamonds on the dial, 124-baguette diamonds on the case, 12-baguette diamonds on the buckle, 24-baguette diamonds and 2 stones for the crowns, 1 stone on top of the tourbillon cage). About 8.2 ct.


Calf or alligator leather straps available with 18k white gold pin buckle, set with diamonds.

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