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Ressence Type 1W

The Ressence Type 1W luxury watch from Ressence Watches is another stunning example of the watches from the brand founded by industrial designer Benoit Mintiens in 2010, and who can boast individuals such as Robert Downey Jr. among their clientele. Every detail of the Ressence Type 1W watch from Ressence Watches, from the titanium case, strap, crown-less winding system, and white face dial down to its complex system of discs and indications for the transmission of the time display time from the movement to the hands on the dial face, legible with perfect clarity beneath a stunning sapphire crystal, oozes sophistication. The release of the Ressence Type 1W watch from Ressence Watches was greeted with a flurry of online review posts and comments, including a review from Watchbox and many others which continue to be available online.

So what then, is special about the Ressence Type 1W watch from Ressence Watches, and how exactly have they combined a titanium case with their own very special mechanism of discs and indications for the transmission of the time display from the movement to the hour, minute and seconds hands on the white dial face, and produced a sapphire crystal case front of such beauty that the online review from Watchbox and others came pouring in so quickly?

First released at Baselworld 2014, the Ressence Watches Type 1 Watch was launched as the successor to the Ressence Watch Type 3 Watch, itself a reworking of the original Ressence Type 1001, but now showcasing the Ressence type crown-less winding concept. The suffix ‘W’ in the name given to the Ressence Type 1W denotes the white color used for the dial face of the 1W by the way. The key to understanding the understated beauty of the grade 5 titanium case boasting beauty that is the Ressence Type 1W white dial face luxury watch from Ressence Watches is the ingenious mechanical system which lies beneath the white dial face, hours, minutes and seconds hands, and indications. The grade 5 titanium case of the Ressence Type 1W luxury watch from Ressence Watches is home to a self-winding ETA 2824/2 movement, upon which Ressence Watch add their very own ‘display module’, which they term the Ressence Orbital Convex System. The orbital display provides hours and minutes by virtue of convex discs, in addition to days of the week and weekends. The mechanical ingenuity comes from the fact that the ETA movement provides only a minutes reference to the Ressence Orbital Convex System, the intricate Ressence  mechanism, including some 27 gears and a total of 40 jewels, through a single mechanical connection, calculating from this input the hours, seconds and day for display on the rotating, planetary type convex discs that are used for displaying hours, minutes, seconds and day (two ‘unfilled’ indications within the day subdial inform the wearer it is the weekend). The simply beautiful, minimalist – industrial dial face time display, with large minutes, smaller hours ‘subdial’, and even smaller seconds and day of the week ‘subdials’ (none of which are really subdials but rather rotating discs), joyously rotates beneath a large, perfectly clear domed sapphire crystal case front, which is incidentally, paired to a matching sapphire crystal case back. The integration of the Ressence Type 1 orbital convex system and its rotating convex discs for the display itself, combined with what have the appearance of traditional watch hands (but are really marking on orbital discs, rotating inside each other), set against Arabic numerals, gives the impression of a smoothly formed pebble, with apparently no sharp divide between form and function, the grade 5 titanium case, sapphire crystal watch case front or the rotating mechanical wonders within – a playful, intriguing timepiece.  The slightly off-white dial Ressence Type 1W luxury watch from Ressence Watches has recently been joined by a brother (or sister) watch, the Ressence Type 1N, with the off-white dial replace with one in “Night Blue” (hence the ‘N’, for night), the dial of which also offers some beautiful concentric circular dial graining. In both watches, the Ressence Type 1W luxury watch and the Ressence Type 1N luxury watch, nothing is quite as it first appears. All mentioned, the dial and subdials of the watch and time display are not really subdials at all but elements of the complex Ressence orbital convex system (‘ROCS’) and the rotating convex discs within it which are used to display hours, minutes, seconds and day. Ironically, even though the Ressence Type 1W and Ressence Type 1 N luxury watches choose to keep the mechanical componentry out of sight of the user, this is not because it in anyway is inferior, but because it is more complex, evidenced by the sheer number of components and jewels deployed for the Ressence Orbital Convex System and disc time display.  These are the real hallmarks of special order pieces.

The Ressence Type 1W luxury watch from Ressence Watches is a rare jewel, as any Ressence Type1W review will confirm, including the Watchbox review and online reviews referred to above. Without holding the Ressence Type 1W luxury watch from Ressence Watches actually in the hand, or wearing the grade 5 titanium case watch on the wrist, feeling the oh-so-supple ostrich leather and calfskin lined strap, and its stunning understated aesthetics, and quietly enjoying the delights of the annular rotating, no-time-ever-appears-the-same marvel that is the time display powered by the Ressence Orbital Convex System, and the ingenious rotating discs of the watch dial face, it is difficult to convey how special this piece is. Very few watches, whether new or pre-owned, offer the combination of mechanical novelty, engineering excellence and intuitive minimalist design, even down to the Ressence self-winding crown system, for example, that this watch does. A nice watch to put alongside that Greubel Forsey! For anyone considering purchasing a Ressence Type 1W luxury watch from Ressence Watches, these watches are, very occasionally available pre-owned. If purchasing pre-owned, look out for a piece that maintains an absolutely scratch and mark free sapphire crystal case front and case back, and that hopefully, is still complete with its original watch box and papers from Ressence Watches. 

Technical specifications

- Grade 5 Titanium 
- Domed sapphire crystal top with anti-reflective coating inside
- 42mm (diameter) x 11,5mm (thickness)
- 1 ATM water-resistance
- Convex German silver & silver plated dial (125mm radius) with 3 eccentric biaxial satellites inclined at 3° (hours) and 4.75° (seconds and day of the week)
- Engraved indications filled with Superluminova
- Hours & Minutes
- Small seconds
- Day of the week
- Patented ROCS 1.3 - Ressence Orbital Convex System - module driven by the minute axle of a customised 2824/2 base calibre      
- Caseback winding and day/time setting 
- Self-winding
- 36 hours power reserve
- 28,800 vibrations per hour
- 40 jewels
- 27 gears
- Grade 5 Titanium 
- Domed sapphire crystal top with anti-reflective coating inside
- 42mm (diameter) x 11,5mm (thickness)
- 1 ATM water-resistance
- Ardillon Buckle
- Cognac Ostrich leather (20/20mm)

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