Ulysse Nardin - ULYSSE NARDIN Classico Manara Stainless Steel
Ulysse Nardin - ULYSSE NARDIN Classico Manara Stainless Steel

ULYSSE NARDIN Classico Manara Stainless Steel

Ulysse Nardin | 26'900 € Tax inc.

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ULYSSE NARDIN Classico Manara acier

The association between a watch manufacturer and a woman's model is not new. Watchmaking has a large number of them in its favourites, starting with each edition of a watch bearing the effigy of a woman, a charming ambassador, a model type model. The history of watches is filled with beautiful associations between the publication of a watch model from a manufacturer and a popular woman who carries a beautiful story that her favourite collectors will get. 
The case of the watch manufacturer Ulysse Nardin is, however, a separate one. By associating with Milo Manara, one of men's favourite authors, Ulysse Nardin has made a rare challenge in watchmaking, namely to display on the dial of his watches an erotic woman's model, drawn with a subtle painting, by hand, within a steel case. The dial painting of this limited edition of Ulysse Nardin watches reproduces the universe of Milo Manara, a universe that the luxury watch manufacturer Ulysse Nardin intends for a restricted circle of favourite collectors in love with a tourbillon of desire at the sight of the body of each woman adorning these dials. 

In the hushed setting of the Sihh

Each model of these limited edition watches was presented during the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, where the Ulysse Nardin manufactory has had its favourite districts for many years. It is in these favourite squares of fine watchmaking that Ulysse Nardin unveiled its main tourbillon and ringing watches, from a Freak edition, Diver edition or Classico edition. The Milo Manara Classico Acier edition was no exception, alongside the other models of Haute Horlogerie watches from the Ulysse Nardin manufactory. 

Classico Manara, an original story

For its Milo Manara watches, the luxury watch manufacturer Ulysse Nardin has chosen one of its favourite models, the Classico watch collection. Indeed, the Classico offers, with a fine watchmaking movement, the advantage of having a very refined dial - a dial model without tourbillon that leaves a large place to the painting of a woman designed by Milo Manara. The sobriety of a Classico in steel edition has also enabled Ulysse Nardin to promote the expression of Milo Manara's painting, a painting of a woman who, at the controls of a boat, is leaving to write a new chapter in a story that Milo Manara has been telling us for decades. 
With this Ulysse Nardin Classico Manara steel watch, the Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie delivers a limited edition of a few rare models of watches to the glory of women that break the historical tourbillon of erotic watchmaking to impose a painting of a more subtle model, where the woman's body, dressed here, will tell the story that each of its favourite collectors will want to lend it. 
Suggestive woman
The Classico Manara steel watch from the luxury watch manufacturer Ulysse Nardin, in this sober limited edition, therefore offers a suggestive, lascivious painting, a model of elegance and, at the same time, impertinence. Without the favourite attributes of fine watchmaking and more precisely of Ulysse Nardin (tourbillon, minute repeater, erotic jacquemarts, Ulysse Anchor), this edition Classico Milo Manara shows a new facet of women in watchmaking, a dial that suggests much more than a watch dial that imposes. Milo Manara's original design has been specially adapted to the reduced dimensions of the dial of this watch model of this Classico edition of Ulysse Nardin, reflecting the ability of a manufacturer to surprise its favourite collectors by a means other than a complication of fine watchmaking. 



Technical specifications

Powered by the UN-320 self-winding manufacture movement and beating at the rhythm of silicium technology - which Ulysse Nardin has mastered for decades - only the hours and minutes are displayed in order to leave a maximum amount of space on the watch faces for the drawings.

The hands are discreet, leaving the drawings to star on the face of each watch. These Classico Manara in 40 mm will be set on dark blue alligator straps to align with the color tonality dictated by Manara. As a special gift from Ulysse Nardin, each watch purchase will be accompanied by an original numbered Milo Manara print, signed by the artist himself.  

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