The greatest HYT in watchmaking

When HYT arrived in the watchmaking industry, the mechanical watch was operating according to the centuries-old watchmaking guns, a watch model that had been proven by an ingenious system that no new watch had ever challenged. HYT has completely reinvented this model by introducing a liquid into it, while preserving the usual mechanics of a watch movement. 
The case of a HYT watch has thus seen the arrival, under the impetus of Vincent Perriard, of a unique watch model where the hours are indicated by a fluid, a liquid exclusive to HYT within a capillary. This new watchmaking is a first - the first time that watchmaking and fluidity have been combined mechanically. 
Mechanical core, fluidic time 
Since then, each HYT watch has followed the same principle, with a mechanical heart beating within a case which, most often, is a titanium case on each model. HYT wristwatches have even established themselves as an essential piece among collectors of classic, mechanical watches, equipped with a traditional dial with Clous de Paris, angled bridges, Geneva dimensions and hands, without ever pouring into the titanium case, the DLC case or even the black DLC. 

The skull enters the scene

However, despite this success, HYT went even further, by offering a mechanical watch in titanium, with liquid all around its dial, marketing for the first time a model with skull - the skull being the shape of skull that HYT put on its dial, around which the fluid flows. 
This new Skull mechanical watch has met with the same success and continues to be a particularly popular watch model for its aesthetics as well as for its system and mechanical movement. Since the first HYT mechanical watch with liquid display, the brand has preserved its system invented for its first model and has constantly renewed it, so much so that today, between bronze, titanium, DLC, black DLC, each HYT watch is different. 

A very fluid team

With Grégory Dourde and his "hydro mechanical" team, the mechanical watch has fundamentally been transformed with the addition of a liquid present on each watch model, this fluid that runs around the dial of a historical or skull model and arrives on the market as a first, a new generation part that affirms within its case a revolutionary system. 
Each model of HYT mechanical watch is published in a limited edition of a limited number of parts, with collaborations notably with Antoine Griezmann who has taken over HYT mechanics to make a coloured liquid, a custom dial, a case in his image. Grégory Dourde's "hydro mechanical" watchmakers, led by Patrick Berdoz and Lucien Vuillamoz, have created a new watch movement, where the fluid is king, where the mechanical watch is reinvented with each model in a limited edition. 

Chronopassion is AUTHORIZED RETAILER of HYT since 2012,date of the brand's birth.

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