Christophe Claret, Services

After sales service and Warranty


Congratulations! You have just acquired a timepiece from the Christophe Claret
brand and we thank you most sincerely for your purchase. We hereby certify that
your watch is a model, whose movement was produced in a very limited edition. We
also certify that the timepiece is made exclusively by the Manufacture Claret and
crafted entirely in the company workshops.
Every Christophe Claret timepiece undergoes extensive technical controls during its
manufacture in order to ensure the superlative quality and precision characteristic of
the Christophe Claret brand.
When used under normal conditions, your watch is guaranteed for two years from
the date of purchase.
The guarantee does not cover any damage resulting from accidents, incorrect
handling or repairs performed by non-authorized persons. Nor does it extend to
normal wear of the straps, scratches on the glasses or any other deterioration due to
inappropriate treatment.
In order to benefit from the guarantee, please take the watch, along with this
guarantee certificate duly filled out at the time of purchase, to your authorized


The guarantee is valid only if the certificate bears the name, signature and stamp
of the authorized retailer, as well as the date of purchase and the watch references.
If the certificate is not enclosed when the watch is returned for service of any kind,
the Manufacture Claret will prepare an estimate of the repair costs and notify the
customer for approval.


The authorized retailer must receive notification of any problem detected with the
timepiece during the guarantee period, including the reference numbers appearing
on the guarantee certificate.
After such notification, the watch is to be placed in its travel case with all necessary
packaging materials to ensure its protection and shipped via a secure delivery


We invite you to contact your authorized retailer for any repairs or maintenance
services on the watch not covered by the guarantee or after the guarantee period
Upon request, the Manufacture Claret will evaluate the nature of the intervention
required for your timepiece and will establish a cost estimate and timeframe of
service. Upon acceptance of said estimate, the Manufacture Claret will commence
the agreed service and duly charge the costs of repair and shipping.
Christophe Claret