Giuliano Mazzuoli Services

After sales service and Warranty


Your Giuliano Mazzuoli watch has been manufactured in the authentic tradition of Swiss watchmaking and has been individually tested to ensure that it is water-resistant and functions perfectly. Nevertheless, it is covered by a limited international guarantee against any manufacturing defect for a period of two years from the date of purchase recorded on your Warranty Card. 
Under this limited two-year international warranty (parts and labor) Giuliano Mazzuoli undertakes to repair any problem with the functions of the watch that result from defective manufacturing. 
The Giuliano Mazzuoli International Warranty does not cover adjustments, and in any case excludes scratches to the surfaces of the watch including the PVD or DLC coating or oxidation as well as the consequences of your watch ageing through normal use. 
The limited guarantee also does not cover straps, buckles, and crystals nor any damage to the case or movement due to moisture that might have entered the watch as a result of improper handling. More generally, it does not apply if there has been improper or inadequate use of the watch. 
Any damage caused by inappropriate use (like violent impacts, crushing, rough handling of the crowns, pushers and buckles) or an accident are excluded from the warranty. 
Damage resulting from service, handling, disassembly or repair operations provided anywhere other than a Giuliano Mazzuoli authorized service center is not covered and shall void the warranty. 
To be valid, the warranty card must include the watch model, full serial number, purchase date, and the official stamp of the Authorized Giuliano Mazzuoli dealer. Giuliano Mazzuoli recommends that a copy of the warranty card always be the attached to the watch whenever you send it for repair. 
The Giuliano Mazzuoli International Warranty is only valid within the Giuliano Mazzuoli authorized dealer network on presentation of your warranty card, duly completed, signed and dated. 


The repair warranty applies to a watch which has been repaired in an Authorized Giuliano Mazzuoli Service Center or by a watchmaking workshop approved by Giuliano Mazzuoli accompanied by the supporting documentation. This is a one-year warranty covering the work carried out, independent of the Warranty Card included when you purchased your watch. 
In any case, this repair warranty excludes any damage caused by inappropriate or improper use, or by handling, disassembly or repair operations carried out by a third party not approved by Giuliano Mazzuoli. 
This warranty also excludes straps and buckles, and the consequences of your watch ageing through normal use.