Singer Reimagined, Services

After sales service and Warranty


 Your Singer Reimagined watch is guaranteed, subject to the exclusions mentioned hereunder, for 36 months from the date of purchase against any problem in the working of the watch and for an unlimited period against any manufacturing defect. After this period, only parts which are defective as a result of a manufacturing defect will be repaired or replaced free of charge.
The warranty does not cover straps and defects resulting from an improper use and accidents, the consequences of the normal wear and aging of the watch or the loss of water resistance after the 3 years warranty period. Service operations performed by a non-approved watch-maker will void the warranty.

Water resistance

 Your Singer Track1 Hong Kong Edition watch is water resistant to 10 ATM. We recommend having a water-resistance test carried out every two years on your watch. When the watch is used for underwater activities, we recommend having it checked every year. Do not operate the pushers or the crown while your watch is underwater.

Care and maintenance

 We recommend cleaning your watch regularly (except for the strap) using a soft cloth and soapy warm water. In case of immersion in salt water, rinse it with fresh water. Do not expose your watch to sudden variations in temperature or humidity, in direct sunlight or strong magnetic fields.