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If you had to choose just one...

...it would be Gérald Genta: creative artist, designer, visionary – and a wonderful human being. A few days ago, Evelyne Genta set up a non-profit association to ensure his name is not forgotten as the millennium advances: Gérald Genta Héritage. I’m proud to be one of the association’s honorary members. 

Why such enthusiasm now? Simply because today, Gérald Genta’s designs and vision are still as relevant as ever, if not more so. Without him, watchmaking as we now know it would not have existed. There would be no ‘sporty chic’ watches; steel would never have come to occupy the role it now does; and octagonal watches would never have become a thing. Without him, we would still have only round watches and crocodile straps.

Creativity isn’t something you can fabricate; neither is the ‘Watch Touch’.

Gérald Genta was also a big part of Chronopassion coming into being, almost 30 years ago now. He gave us his friendship, his projects – and exclusive rights to his abundance of creative and complicated creations. Perpetual calendars, minute repeaters, chronographs, and other complications were housed in round, oval, square, barrel, and octagonal cases, using an infinite variety of materials, ranging from bronze to platinum.

Today, a legacy of some 5,000 Gérald Genta designs remains, a great many of which have yet to be used. What should be done with them? 

Evelyne Genta has the answer: “As and when I meet people with the right abilities, I’ll be happy to give them the opportunity to use these designs and turn them into exceptional watches. Who knows? Some of them might turn out to be as successful as the Royal Oak,” she says.

A word to the wise: legends never die...

Laurent PICCIOTTO / Chronopassion
Founder & Owner