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A tattooed watch?

Octo Finissimo Tattoo Aria

A limited edition of 10 pieces


The Octo Finissimo Tattoo Aria combines the Art of tattooing with the Art of mechanics. 

Since its market launch, the Octo Finissimo has always been regarded as a second skin, thanks to its thinness and lightness.

This limited edition is the fruit of the creative talents of three men, passionate about watchmaking and design:  

-Laurent Picciotto, founding owner of Chronopassion in Paris, and one of the most influential personalities in contemporary watchmaking;

-Mo Coppoletta, a London-based aesthete renowned for his artistic tattooing;

-Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani, Product Creation Executive Director of Bvlgari.


At the last edition of Baselworld, Laurent, a die-hard fan of the Octo Finissimo watch, put forward the idea to Fabrizio of creating a limited edition on the theme of adornment and tattooing. Fabrizio loved the idea; his long-standing desire was to create a tattooed watch, like a second skin. It was then an evidence for him to collaborate with Mo Coppoletta.

They have drawn numerous designs, finally selecting just one common theme to Mo Coppoletta and Bvlgari. The clouds, one of Mo Coppoletta's signature elements, associated with Bvlgari's stars and constellations. This combination offers both a delicate and rich decoration, contrasting with the architectural design of the Octo.

Much more than a watch, the Maison Bvlgari wanted to share a piece of art with Chronopassion's privileged clients. 

To realize this adornment, the manufacture used the laser engraving to transpose the design with the utmost precision.

This exceptional timepiece features a total thickness of just 5.15 mm, with an extra-thin 2.23 mm self-winding movement, made possible notably thanks to the platinum micro-rotor. This true feat of engineering has an extended 60-hour power reserve.


The Octo Finissimo Tattoo Aria watch is a limited edition of 10 pieces, available exclusively at Chronopassion.

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