Chronopassion mag: issue one

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Some magazines come out monthly, others every two months; there are quarterlies, too, of course. 
As for us, producing the first issue of our Mag has taken all of 25 years. So of course we’ve put all our passion into it, as well as all the wealth of our experience. After a quarter of a century of dealing with a wide range of horological afflictions, there are plenty of stories to tell! 
Not for us the same old, same old story, either; these are stories of tens – no, hundreds – of encounters. We’ve chosen over a dozen for this edition of our Mag, each representing one aspect of this extraordinary adventure. In a number of cases, the account includes the story of the manufactures themselves, simply because we’ve been keeping tabs on many of them right from their earliest days. 
The usual advertising spiel in such circumstances is along the lines of “This magazine has been specially put together with you in mind: it’s all yours”. But naturally, there’s no way we were going to copy everybody else. 
This Mag isn’t yours – it’s ours. It’s a unique way into the world of Chronopassion: its collections, its favourites, and Laurent Picciotto’s inimitable take on them all. 
In watchmaking as in publishing terms, the Mag is a limited edition. Issue 1 is already a collector’s item, and not everyone will be lucky enough to have one – although ultimately, it will be available online in our digital universe at www.chronopassion.com. As to when issue 2 can be expected? All in good time… start by reading issue 1!