After sales service


Never take your watch in for a check-up. After all, you probably don’t take your car in for its annual 10,000-mile service, so why bother for your watch, which has ticked a mere 248 million times during the same period? 
At Chronopassion, we do everything to avoid you having to bring your watch in for maintenance. All our watches are individually tested before sale; we have our own watchmaker; and we pride ourselves on being the sole point of contact between our customers and the brands we carry. 
For a quarter of a century now, we’ve consistently offered the same advice: avoid bumps, extreme environments, and prolonged rest, to mention just a few of our hints. We may even have contributed to the development of some of the timepieces in your collection. So take it from us: we’ve absolutely no desire to see you coming back for after-sales service. 
Except that it’s absolutely necessary. 
The fact is, you’re reading this message on a PC or an iPhone, producing a surrounding magnetic field that will inevitably disturb the workings of your watch. And in a few minutes’ time, you’ll be opening a drawer, pushing a door, or slipping on a jacket – and some of the more distracted of you will bump yourselves in the process. 
We can hardly describe such behaviour as “bad”. The most objective description of such activity is that offered by science – and unfortunately it’s even less forgiving. It’s known simply as physics. 
If you think you don’t have to be bothered with after-care because you don’t play golf, keep in mind that offering a round of applause exerts as much g-force on your watch as a number 6 iron: 20g, to be precise. And if you never clap, consider Neil Armstrong. To escape the earth’s gravitational pull, he had to put up with 9g – whereas slapping your watch down carelessly on the table subjects it to a whopping 250g. 
So don’t wait for your watch to die before you bring it in to us. A service, change of oil and a readjustment are quick, effective, and inexpensive – and guarantee the long life of your timepieces. We also know how to carry out repair services and even rebuilds – we just don’t want to have to. In all truth, amidst all the “animated mechanics” of a watch, what really makes us tick is not the appeal of its innards – but its heart and soul.