At last the ultimate timepiece?


What if the ultimate timepiece had been found? The one that would have no successor on your wrist? And what if such a watch, the Holy Grail sought by all collectors, was in our possession?

Well, we wouldn’t tell you – for fear of never seeing you again. It’s one of our cardinal rules: the most beautiful piece of all is always the next one. But there’s at least one exception to every rule, and in this case, it can be spelled out in just four letters: O-C-T-O.

Octo represents a phenomenal achievement for Bulgari. The manufacturer has succeeded in creating an entirely new, never-before-experienced sensation on the wrist, ridding the ultra-slim watch of its dated baggage, and propelling it into a hitherto uncharted dimension.

Paradoxically, the sensation in question is that of actually forgetting the piece, due to two things: its slimness and its weight. The Octo Finissimo holds a total of four world records: the slimmest ever manual tourbillon, automatic, minute repeater, and three-hand movements. By comparison, any other watch – in the highly unlikely event of you ever picking up any other watch again – would immediately seem hopelessly heavy and bulky, and no more imposing for all that. In fact, the opposite would probably be the case: nothing can equal the power and modernity of an Octo Finissimo and its wholly unprecedented comfort, surpassing anything else achieved to date in watchmaking.

The Octo takes ultra-slim watches as a whole into a new dimension; lightness reigns supreme. Weighing in at just 77 grammes (including the strap), the Octo Finissimo featuring three titanium hands is rivalled only by another Octo Finissimo – the Carbon Minute Repeater (47 grammes, including the strap).

Some die-hards may argue that Bulgari is still first and foremost a jewellery brand, but the professionals have already had their say. Amongst other honours, in 2017 the Octo Finissimo Automatic received the much-coveted Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix (GPHG) Men’s Watch Prize – and in the rarest of occurrences, the very same year, Bulgari also scooped a GPHG award in the Tourbillon Watch category, for its Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Skeleton.

The Finissimo Titanium and Skeleton are works of art as only the Italians can produce; the Finissimo Tourbillon and Minute Repeater are complications only the Swiss could come up with. The Octo embodies universal genius that transcends – and exceeds – everything we’ve ever seen or owned thus far.

And if you think we’re getting carried away with ourselves, all we can say is: please don’t come and try one on. You might just agree with us.