Rogue Design - Rogue DZN Titane Clover Ring
Rogue Design - Rogue DZN Titane Clover Ring

Rogue DZN Titane Clover Ring

Rogue Design | 1'800 € Tax inc.

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The Military Titanium Jewelry Expert

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Military Titanium Jewelry

Daring to use forms the jewelry world has not even hinted at thus far, the Rogue Clover, #2 in the Soulmate series, is a three-piece modular Mil-spec G5 titanium ring. Two identical machined outer rings compress a center insert, uniting three parts into one unyielding assembly. The piece features a 4mm clover shaped insert with radial exterior knurling, etched graphics and a unique serial number. Each size of the Clover has a suicide number of 10.

Technical specifications

MATERIAL:Mil-Spec G5 Aerospace-Grade Titanium
PROCESSES: individually 3-axis machined from billet block, Lathe operations, etching, Surgical stainless-steel hardware
FINISH: Zero hand finishing / Calculated tool-paths
Sizes in our inventory : 
number : 3/10 : size 8   (58)
number :  /10 : size 9    (60)
number : 2/10 : size 10 (62)

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