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Roland Iten: when the belt buckle becomes an art

Behind the brand he created, this man has a particular aptitude for mechanics. His passion is rare, it is that of a man who works daily with multiple parts to make precision mechanical objects with a real finesse of operation. It gives a real personality to belts, cufflinks and other male accessories. Roland Iten cultivates the art of pushing back the limits of the ordinary and challenging man to exceed his own limits. It is by observing people and our way of following standards that he finds his inspiration. In short, it is a different way of thinking about solving a problem that feeds the creation of Roland Iten products.

Unlimited creativity

Roland Iten's creativity is reflected in the handmade production of all his creations, and in the permanent collaboration he has with the craftsman to ensure that each piece is simply perfect. Each technician and craftsman working on his own account must be truly experienced. Each part and component must be perfectly assembled, according to the highest level of quality and finish. The interaction between each component represents the spirit of each product.
Roland Iten products are the subtle combination of high-performance mechanics, functionality and style. By adopting the precision mechanics developed within the Swiss watch industry, the Roland Iten Mechanical Luxury Company designs, develops and manufactures unique male mechanical accessories, thus creating a unique market segment for luxury goods called Mechanical Luxury for Gentlemen™, the Mechanical Luxury for Gentlemen. 

Mechanical passion

The creator and founder of the company, Roland Iten, has a passion for mechanical objects. The combination of his boundless creativity and his keen eye for design has enabled him to transpose everyday objects into the world of precision engineering. In doing so, he was able to create exceptional pieces. Nurtured by passion and the continuous search for mechanical perfection, the company's vision - "how it works, that's why it exists" - underlines Roland's constant desire to provide gentlemen with accessories for life. 

Handmade by hand

Each piece in the collection is made with its own components, the most precious materials, following demanding production processes and exceptional craftsmanship. This state of mind is felt throughout the company as well as in the choice of its partners. Their craftsmen finish each piece by hand, combining precious metals, mother-of-pearl inlays, exotic woods and precious stones. Each collection is produced in limited, numbered series and includes an individual serial number that refers to a specific origin and authenticity. 
Until Roland Iten designed the world's first mechanical belt buckle in 2003, men had very few choices when it came to wearing precious mechanical parts. By mechanizing everyday objects such as belts and cufflinks, Roland has changed the men's accessory market.  It offers the "big child" dormant in each man quality, unique, fun and atypical creations that transform everyday objects and solve problems that most men never even knew existed. 

The perfect belt buckle? 

The double pin belt buckle (with clip or fastener) dates back to the 15th century. At that time, leather belts and straps were used by the military for their ease of housing ammunition, but also the officer's revolver and sword. The double barb on the belt allowed for a better distribution of the load on the belt than a single fastener, thus ensuring a longer life span (which was a critical factor in battles such as the Waterloo battle). Although control rooms have now replaced traditional theatres of war, the reason for the double barb - greater longevity and increased security - has not changed for more than half a millennium. The Roland Iten belt buckle is the perfect combination of traditional high quality workmanship and the quality of Swiss micro-mechanics that is more often found in precision watchmaking. It is handcrafted in Geneva according to a unique system patented by Roland Iten of double barb. 

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