T F Est. 1968 - Chronopassion belt , TF Est. 1968
T F Est. 1968 - Chronopassion belt , TF Est. 1968

Chronopassion belt , TF Est. 1968

T F Est. 1968 | 700 € Tax inc.

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Those who like big boy toys, leather, and/or being strapped down/in will not be disappointed: Chronopassion has launched its first watch belt. This unusual, off-the-wall creation will be produced in a limited edition of just fifty. 
As is so often the case, the project is the result of a chance meeting. “One day, at Baselworld, I saw a man walk past me with a belt that had been customized along watchmaking lines,” recalls Laurent Picciotto. “The initial idea was good as far as it went, but as always, there was the potential to take it a lot further.”  
As things have turned out, “further” has meant a partnership with TF Est. 1968, a specialist in watch-related accessories. They’ve worked together with Chronopassion to come up with a bespoke product for the Rue Saint-Honoré establishment, carefully thought out right down to the finest details, complete with engravings, and individually numbered. 
The object naturally had to have some moving parts, just like a watch. An oscillating weight featuring a Côtes de Genève pattern revolves freely , engraved with the store’s name and housing an imitation movement. Naturally, the buckle dimensions mirror those of a watch: 48 mm. All this is mounted on a reversible black and brown leather belt, and will be available only at Chronopassion. 
Is this a one-off edition? “In any case, it’s the first,” declares Laurent Picciotto. “I don’t know if there’ll be any more, but there’s always something special about a very first limited edition.” So much so that there are now only 49 of them left. Guess who bagged the first one... But no worry they are all with the engraving “1 of 50”

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T F Est. 1968 - Chronopassion belt , TF Est. 1968
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