MB&F - Horological Machine No1 Red Gold HM1-RS
MB&F - Horological Machine No1 Red Gold HM1-RS

Horological Machine No1 Red Gold HM1-RS


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HM1, the genesis


The MB&F Horological Machine No. 1 was launched in 2007 and is an innovative and totally original watch. With its elongated “double bubble” case shape, the MB&F Horological Machine No. 1 surprises you at first glance and stares back at you like two big bulging eyes sticking out of the white gold, red gold or black PVD white gold case of the watch. But beyond the totally unconventional case shape of this watch, the Horological Machine No. 1 is a marvel of watchmaking technology and craftsmanship as it is the world’s first watch movement with four barrels connected in both parallel and series as well as the first wristwatch movement to have energy transmitted to the regulating system from two sources simultaneously. The MB&F Horological Machine No. 1 also symbolises the genesis of the MB&F brand: the encounter of two worlds, those of Maximilian Busser (MB) and his friends (&F). 


Meaningful friends

Maximilian Busser’s unique vision of opening up and collaborating with independent watch experts, watch designers, movement engineers and visionary creative minds was already initiated during his time at Harry Winston when he launched the Opus series of watches. Bringing the best minds together, the best experts in their respective fields could only result in a unique style, perpetual design creativity and incredible power. The power to tell the time in a unique way. The power to surprise. The Maximilian Busser power to reinvent the horological movement and create horological art. More than ten years after the launch of the MB&F Horological Machine No. 1, the design legacy of Maximilian Busser and his friends is impressive. Beyond his Legacy Machine collection of watches (horological machines MB&F would have created 100 years ago), Maximilian Busser has also created over the years performance art watches such as the Legacy Machine No. 1 Silberstein or the Legacy Machine No. 1 Xia Hang. Maximilian Busser has also developed many co-creations over the years, pieces conceived by MB&F and crafted in a limited edition by unique Swiss Manufactures. Many of these unique co-creations were done with the famous clock Manufacture L’Epée, such as the Destination Moon clock, the Medusa clock or the Balthazar robot clock.


Futuristic Haute Horlogerie

The MB&F Horological Machine No. 1’s three-dimensional, figure 8-shaped watch case and multi-layered dials both captivate the eye and challenge horological conventions with its unique design and very recognizable style. The MBandF Horological Machine No. 1 is a limited edition watch available in either 18k white gold, 18k red gold or black PVD coated 18k white gold. The great people who collaborated on the creation of this great watch were all highly complementary, so although the movement looks as though it comes straight from the moon, its quality, finish and style are solidly founded on the very finest aspects of luxury, traditional high horology.

The MBandF HM1 watch movement is made of 376 components and is powered by four mainspring barrels in parallel. The Maximilian Busser design style is unique because two barrels are positioned on each side of the engine so as to reduce the torque of each mainspring. This MB&F design will, in turn, increase the longevity of the watch movement and grant the watch with a massive 7-day power reserve. To complete the incredible movement architecture developed for this watch, a raised, 60-second central tourbillon has been integrated into the middle of the watch. The three-dimensional effect and the movement of the tourbillon provide extra power to the design and style of the MB&F watch. Years later, with his limited edition MB&F Legacy collection of watches, Maximilian Busser will continue with this design approach of positioning the main element of the movement centre stage. The reading of time on the Horological Machine No. 1 watch is done on two separate dials. The hours are indicated on the left of the watch, whereas the minutes are indicated on the right of the red gold, white gold or black PVD white limited edition watch. In pure MB&F style, the movement also features a power reserve indicator, discretely integrated on the right side of the watch. On the case back of this limited edition horological machine from the moon, a large sapphire glass enables to observe a 22k gold automatic winding rotor designed with style and in a very modern way.

By all means, the limited edition MB&F Horological Machine No. 1 is a watch whose unique design captivates the eye and whose horological conception is a perpetual challenge for the mind. A true piece of luxury and futuristic Haute Horlogerie …and the genesis of many more MBandF horological machines. The price positioning of the MB&F HM1 horological machine is justified by the unique movement design and is in line with the brand positioning and adapted to this segment of luxury watches. 

Technical specifications

  • Red gold
  • 41 mm x 64 mm x 14 mm
  • Engineered by Laurent Besse with Peter Speake-Marin
  • Hours, Minutes, Central one-minute tourbillon
  • saphir
  • Black alligator

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