Arnold & Son - Arnold & Son, Globetrotter 1WTAS.S01A.D137S
Arnold & Son - Arnold & Son, Globetrotter 1WTAS.S01A.D137S

Arnold & Son, Globetrotter 1WTAS.S01A.D137S

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Arnold & Son, Globetrotter 1WTAS.S01A.D137S

The Globetrotter from Arnold and Son, legendary provider of chronometers for the world traveler

When it comes to the masters of world time and world-class watches and chronographs, Arnold and Son Switzerland stands out as a Swiss watchmaker, or indeed, even as a brand, among the slew of sometimes more familiar names: Carl F. Bucherer, Louis Moinet, H. Moser & Cie, Laurent Ferrier, Patek Phillipe, Richard Mille and even the mass market names of Porsche, Swatch Group and Omega. The watch collections from Arnold and Son watches Switzerland, comprising the Arnold and Son Instrument Collection and the Arnold and Son Royal collection of watches, offer the discerning customer unique designs of case, dial, hand and most importantly watch movement, which combine facets of traditional fine English watch and chronograph manufacture with the very best of modern Swiss design and production, resulting in watch designs, whether they be in red gold, white gold or stainless case versions that also offer the very best in stunning Haute Horlogerie  finished movements and complications such as the tourbillon and dead beat seconds. Arnold and Son watches Switzerland, as heirs to the legacy of incredible chronometer manufacture of the founder of the firm John Arnold, are always proud to pay tribute, whether it be in the design of exquisite new tourbillon or chronograph movements or by way of case design or material (often red gold, white gold or stainless steel), the hour, minute and second-hand markers of the watch display, or the Haute Horlogerie hand chamfering and polishing of many components, to this marriage of Swiss and traditional English chronometer manufacture. The Arnold and Son watch Switzerland Globetrotter watch model, from their Instrument Collection of luxury limited edition watches, is a perfect example.

The original founder of the firm Arnold & Son, John Arnold, a Cornishman who made his name with a gift to the then King of England, George III, of an incredible gold ring containing a miniature half-quarter repeater in 1764, went on to devote his life to solving the puzzle of determining Longitude aboard ships at sea, through the constant development and evolution of ever-more accurate chronograph timepieces. This work led to the creation of some of the most accurate timepieces of the period and an intimate association not only with King George III, the Royal Family, and a wealthy clientele, but also the Royal Navy and seafaring journeys of exploration and discovery worldwide. Indeed, Arnold and Son's chronometers were on board such legendary voyages as those of James Cook to the Pacific Ocean and Sir John Franklin’s ill-fated final expedition to the north of Canada in 1845. The Arnold and Son watches Switzerland Globetrotter aims to equip the modern traveler and voyager with a luxury watch which compares to anything made in gold and steel by John Arnold and Son for those legendary trips of days gone by, fitting a modern world of multiple time zones and the need for just the level of accuracy sought then.

The Arnold and Son watch Switzerland Globetrotter, as the Globetrotter name suggests, takes the three-dimension classic globe as its starting point, creating an equally three-dimensional watch for the modern globetrotter. Released in March 2018, at some 45mm in width and with a height of an incredible 17.23mm, The Arnold and Son watch Switzerland Globetrotter features an exceptionally large, if not the largest, rotating 3D time display for a wristwatch. The Arnold and Son watch Switzerland Globetrotter accomplishes this through very clever stainless steel case design: the large rotating display is in fact suspended from a large central bifurcated bridge which spans the face display from 9 to 3 o’clock, the 3d globe of the world rotating from its central pivot point, the North Pole.


From March 2018, The Arnold and Son watches Switzerland Globetrotter has been depicting the Earth’s Northern Hemisphere, as seen from space, an exercise in amazing skill in etching and polishing of brass to create mountains and oceans, the latter hand-lacquered in different tones of blue, resulting in a spectacularly detailed view of the Earth. The silvery-white opaline dial features Roman numerals for the hour hand display, with a sapphire disc also fixed to the central North Pole Earth pivot high above the dial to operate as day and night indicator, transparent during the day and with a translucent metallic covering marking the nocturnal hours. The large hour and minute hands themselves, cut from blued steel and embellished with red lacquer are located under the hemisphere itself, journeying around its periphery. The Arnold and Son watch Switzerland Globetrotter is easily set using the watch’s three function crown, for manual winding, the setting of the hour hand for local time, and alternately, hours, minutes and world time, in either forward or backward direction. Like other watches in the Arnold and Son Instrument Collection of watches, even though this model is not fitted with a tourbillon, it appears highly complex without unnecessary, complication, and as such, has really moved the goalposts. The 3d effect of the movement is further enhanced by the stainless bridge and case and the use of the amazing anti-reflective coated crystal sapphire that envelops both movement and case, front and back, revealing the world time, hours and minutes to the front and full movement of the watch to the rear. The stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, hours, minutes and seconds hands and stunning 3d view of the Northern Hemisphere as seen from space rotating around the North Pole really do combine, with the finishing touch of the hand-aged blue calf leather strap, to create an amazing sight. Equally amazing, though, is the quality of the A&S6022 caliber (or caliber as some say) hand-finished movement, offering an incredible 45 hour power reserve in addition to all of the Haute Horlogerie finishing touches that you would expect from an in house designed Swiss caliber of the quality of this one from Arnold and Son of Switzerland. The Globetrotter’s movement is, of course, complete with NAC grey treatment and hand chamfered and hand-polished bridges and edges, fine circular graining and Cotes de Geneve rayonnant, with the dial plate itself similarly subject to the same NAC treatment, circular finishing with satin-finished wheels and screws with mirror-polished heads. For the purposes of their website, Arnold and Son have cleverly divided the months of the year into identifiable periods, the first covering January, February and March, the second, April, May and June, the third, July, August and September, and finally, October, November, and December. Each month in the year will see regular posts and a large number of updates to the website, as well as blog posts, detailing new watch model launches, including updates to the Arnold and Son Globetrotter model series from the Arnold and Son Instrument Collection. A large collection of Instagram posts (as well as Facebook posts) illustrates features such as dial, tourbillon, hand movement, case, and chronograph movement.

Technical specifications

Functions hours, minutes, world times (24 hours)
Calibre A&S6022, self-winding mechanical
Jewels 29
Diameter 39.00 mm
Thickness 6.55 mm
Power reserve 45 hours 
Frequency 4 Hz / 28,800 vph
Decoration mainplate: grey NAC-treated, circular-grained finishes 
  bridges: Côtes de Genève stripes radiating from centre, hand-
polished and chamfered, NAC-treated 
  wheels: circular satin-brushed and rhodium-plated
    screws: bevelled and mirror-polished
oscillating weight: laser-engraved pattern, grey NAC two-tone,  
skeletonised, matt straight-grained finish
Dial opaline silver, circular brushed
Terrestrial dome continents: chemical engraving, circular satin-brushed, galvanised
oceans: hand-applied deep blue lacquer
24-hour ring: sapphire
Material stainless steel
Diameter 45.00 mm
Crystal dome in curved sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating on
both sides 
Back sapphire crystal 
Water resistance 30 metres / 100 feet
Material hand-aged blue calf leather
Clasp pin buckle in stainless steel
Reference 1WTAS.S01A.D137S

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