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The Arnold & Son watch is the heir to the great English mechanical watchmaking designed by John Arnold in the 18th century. His watches marked the conquest of the precision of pocket watches, whose mechanical movement was at the time - like the dial and case - entirely handmade. Today, there are very few copies of the movement imagined by John Arnold, but enough archives to produce high-quality wristwatches that reflect his legacy. 
Even today, Arnold & Son wristwatches are distinguished by their mechanical calibre and the different variations of each movement, animating pieces at different price levels whose quality of execution can be seen at first sight on the dial, the case or even the hands. 

The prestige of the "Perpetual Calendar

Within the Instrument Collection and Royal Collection collections of wristwatches, Arnold & Son has created a dedicated movement for each model, giving pride of place to the "perpetual calendar" - the perpetual calendar being the perpetual calendar that was being developed at the time of John Arnold, in addition to the small seconds, the dead second, the minute repeater or a solar complication that was very useful in watchmaking at that time. John Arnold himself developed these complications for his watches which, in mechanical watchmaking, now win the highest awards. 

Multiple complications

Nowadays, Arnold & Son wristwatches display on each dial, in addition to the minute and second hands, different types of escapement and complications, particularly of a solar nature, all inspired by the heritage of the John Arnold watch, adjusted to today's prices - in particular for a gold or other precious metal case that can accommodate a "perpetual calendar" or "moon phase" mechanical movement, the latter being a mechanical Moon phase. 
If Arnold & Son wristwatches continue to win awards and make the headlines in the watch industry, it is thanks to the inventiveness of the Joux Perret, which supports the development of each wristwatch movement made. The calibre that equips these high-end wristwatches is developed specifically for the case (steel or gold) and dial of these luxury watches, displaying the hours, minutes, solar complication or moon phase. With a leather strap, the Arnold & Son bracelet watch for a very competitive price and free delivery a real added value watch. 
This added value of the Arnold & Son watch, or more generally of Arnold & Son watches, really lies in the calibre that sets each piece in motion. It has finishes such as those used by Abraham Louis Breguet, rich in numerous awards, and the repository of exceptional mechanical engineering that is now an essential part of any collection of high-end watches. However, the particularity of Arnold & Son watches is to offer this same level of watchmaking at a lower price - a price that some see as fair for this precision mechanism driven by a house movement, a trademark of a collection of fine mechanical watches. Each mechanical instrument, including the chronograph or the Perpetual Calendar, the queen complications of the wristwatch at the time of the Louis Louis or Abraham Louis Breguet kings, benefits from a calibre of this type, which gives each watch a luxury watch that can be enjoyed as each hand beats the minutes or the second, or even indicates the phase of the moon of precision, whose design is also very specific to the Arnold & Son wristwatch line. With so many advantages for very studied prices, within a superb luxury watch case, even made of steel or PVD steel, each model of mechanical wristwatch is now a potential "collector watch". 

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Arnold & Son - Arnold & Son DSTB (Dial Side True Beat)  stainless steel

Arnold & Son DSTB (Dial Side True Beat) stainless steel

Arnold & Son

Arnold & Son - Arnold & Son, Constant Force Tourbillon

Arnold & Son, Constant Force Tourbillon

Arnold & Son



Arnold & Son

Arnold & Son - ARNOLD & SON DTE


Arnold & Son



Arnold & Son

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