Breguet, the reference in classic watchmaking


The Breguet watch, born in Paris, embodies the essence of fine watchmaking, the classic reference for most collectors. By the end of the 18th century, Abraham-Louis Breguet had laid the foundations of his style in Paris, acquired after extensive research in both technology and design. With it, the Breguet watch made history and remains, more than two centuries later, an essential reference of the classic watch, the first choice available to discerning collectors, the opportunity to acquire a tourbillon, for example, by the watchmaker who patented it. 

In the service of Her Majesty

Emeritus watchmaker, the king's watchmaker, Breguet has designed a style of queen watch in the luxury watch industry. Even when the notion of collection did not exist, Abraham-Louis Breguet designed a case, a dial and movements that laid the foundations of a style like no other. 
As the embodiment of a classic haute horlogerie, Breguet has also invented and registered the most important processes of haute horlogerie watches, those that attract the favours and great prizes of leading collectors. This is true of the tourbillon, the bumper, the timbre spring, these masterstrokes that still shape the current events of Breguet watches and luxury watches in general. 

Recognizable among all

Today, the Breguet watch is made of precious metal, becoming a reference for the prestigious Swiss watch thanks to its white gold cases, particularly in platinum, more recently in titanium. The prices and tariffs of these variations of the case within a Breguet watch collection offer a wide choice of references that allow everyone to find their watch, depending on their preferences in terms of metal (such as white gold), dial, complication and each Breguet invention that they may or may not want to find within their watch. 
This will be the case for both male and female watches. In this type of collection of women's watches, the Queen of Naples has received many awards. It is reputed to be one of the first wristwatches. Its case, often in white gold, oval in shape, forms the first distinction of this collection. 
This true reference in haute horlogerie for women also includes all the Breguet attributes, in particular a fluted case, a manufacture movement and an individual dial specific to each watch (numbered). The Queen of Naples, with her prices and tariffs, remains a traditional watch that Abraham-Louis Breguet would not have disowned. 

Continuous innovation

Breguet continues to work in this direction, perpetuating the tradition of this great watchmaker who has become a reference in fine watchmaking, and whose watches are now also equipped with minute repeater with a timbre spring - the spring blade, wrapped around the movement, on which the hammers of a repeater watch are struck. This type of invention by Abraham-Louis Breguet has become a reference in the classic complication watch - classic in its design, very modern in its movement. Breguet watches were notably awarded the "Aiguille d'Or" prize at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix, a highly coveted prize that represents the highest distinction of the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix. 
If the Breguet watch continues to occupy the news in this way, it is because it constantly puts Abraham-Louis Breguet's tradition and inventions back at the heart of fine watchmaking, with each time a collection, a reference, a calibre and prices designed almost for every fan of the watchmaker's heritage. Even today, the case of a reference from the Classic or Queen of Naples collection remains recognizable among all. The price of each reference of these watches reflects the quality of its watchmaking art. Breguet is the guarantor of the heritage of its founding watchmaker, its inventions and its most prestigious customers, such as Marie-Antoinette, among many others, in Paris and throughout the world. 

Breguet, king of the air

In addition to the inventions found on each model, as well as its famous guilloché or fluted case, the Breguet factory watch is also well known in the history of pilot watches, with a leading collection that is highly recognized in Switzerland and throughout the world, that of each  Type XX, Type XXI and Type XXI. Each of these Breguet watch references is created at the cost of the demands of pilot watches, particularly in the tradition of the Swiss chronograph, one of the complications of fine watchmaking that Breguet masters. Abraham-Louis Bréguet had taken the first step in this field with his inventions relating to the precision of each classic reference he was able to create - precision obtained in particular through the tourbillon and the use of the bumper, these inventions arranged on the watch plate and which became a reference for each classic watchmaker in the construction of the calibre of a manufactured watch, which each manufacturer likes to claim to be in the wake of Abraham-Louis Bréguet. 
The technical dimension of its Swiss watchmaking and watches is found in each Type model, specifically : Type XX, Type XXI and Type XXII. Each available reference offers the possibility of acquiring a wristwatch from a leading Swiss manufacturer, Breguet, with watches of a different price for each reference, as well as a case, a metal, a dial, a movement specific to its use. The history of these timepieces, a chronograph rich in each of Breguet's inventions, is an opportunity to have on the bracelet a part of Breguet's history, its tradition as a Swiss manufacturer in a collection with a modern dial, a reference in movement of Swiss watchmaking already awarded many prizes, rich in a historical dimension of the king and queen's watchmaker, but also in the air and their conquest. 
The calibre specific to this reference collection of Type XX, Type XXI and Type XXII watches is of modern construction, a reference for precision watches. It contains a number of each of the manufacturer's classic signs, including the fluted case, which is always an opportunity to capture the dimension of the history of the Swiss watchmaker and its manufacture. The dial is not guilloché but very modern and readable, as must be the case for a wristwatch chronograph. The collection is therefore classic and modern, at different levels of metal and therefore at different prices, all belonging to a 100% Swiss watchmaking industry, queen of Swiss "haute horlogerie" as defined by Abraham-Louis Breguet in the time of the Queen and Marie-Antoinette.

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Breguet Type XXI 3810ST/92/9ZU


breguet - Breguet "Harrods" 7337bb/ye/9v6

Breguet "Harrods" 7337bb/ye/9v6


breguet - BREGUET TRADITION 7038BB/1T/9V6/D00D



breguet - BREGUET 7787BB/12/9V6

BREGUET 7787BB/12/9V6


breguet - Breguet Marine Titanium 5547TI Alarm

Breguet Marine Titanium 5547TI Alarm


breguet - Breguet Tradition retrograde small seconds 7097B

Breguet Tradition retrograde small seconds 7097B





breguet - Breguet Marine Titane 5527TI Chronograph

Breguet Marine Titane 5527TI Chronograph


breguet - Breguet Marine or rose 5517BR

Breguet Marine or rose 5517BR


breguet - Breguet Tradition Chronograph7077BR

Breguet Tradition Chronograph7077BR


breguet - Breguet Reine de Naples , CAMMEA 8958BB/51/974 D00D

Breguet Reine de Naples , CAMMEA 8958BB/51/974 D00D


breguet - Breguet Reine de Naples 8918BR

Breguet Reine de Naples 8918BR


breguet - Tradition fusée chaine , pink gold 7047BR

Tradition fusée chaine , pink gold 7047BR


breguet - BREGUET Tradition 7057 BR in red gold

BREGUET Tradition 7057 BR in red gold


breguet - Chronograph Classic - 5247 BB - Or gris

Chronograph Classic - 5247 BB - Or gris


breguet - La Tradition Fusee Tourbillon

La Tradition Fusee Tourbillon


breguet - Breguet Tourbillon Messidor 5335PT

Breguet Tourbillon Messidor 5335PT


breguet - BREGUET Type XX Limited Edition

BREGUET Type XX Limited Edition


breguet - Breguet Classique La Musicale 7800BB

Breguet Classique La Musicale 7800BB


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